Custom, cast metal Goetia sigils

howdy all.

a guy i know is a metalworking guy (???) and he’s casting me a custom set of goetic sigils (yes, all 72 of them) in 3/16" x 2" diameter metal.

the designs will be set into the plates themselves, and not raised off the surface. they will not be engraved, but professionally cast with molds made just for this project.

some modifications to the metals have been made according to rudd’s version of the goetia (skinner & rankine version) and my own assignment of the 6 martian spirits to another planet. this is due to the fact that the single spirit listed as a knight under saturn most likely fits in with the rest of the dukes, considering they ride a mount as the rest of the dukes do, and the translation listing them as a knight is vague at best.

moreover, the seal of solomon on the brass vessel has the sigils of mars and saturn on it, which could be interpreted to mean that these two plants (i.e, metals) are used as wards to contain the spirits within the vessel. thus, it seems reasonable that their sigils not be made of these metals.

the actual metals used, listed by planet, will be:

Luna: Silver (or more likely a low-silver/zinc alloy to reduce cost)
Mars: None
Mercury: Aluminium (a common substitute as mercury is a liquid)
Jupiter: Tin
Venus: Copper
Saturn: None
Sol: Brass (as real gold is too expensive, and brass works very well)

if you have a copy of the goetia of dr. rudd, or the complete magician’s tables, you can check the appendices and table “M18” to see how, and why the changes to the spirit ranks have been made.

by the same token, i doubt it matters a great deal as most of us get along just fine using paper sigils:)

personally, i’m having all the seals made as above, and a stainless (i.e, iron) box made along with them in which to keep the sigils. the seal of solomon will also be cast in a lead plate mounted in some fashion onto the box (either inside or out… haven’t designed it yet).

alternatives include having all the seals cast in the metal of your choice.

personally, i am not making any money off this, and i will direct you personally (via PM) to my metalworker’s etsy store where you can contact him about this personally. i am awaiting a quote from him regarding the metals as per the above, and i will post here once i get word (maybe a couple days). obviously, if you want different metals, the price will be different, but i’ll leave you to discuss that with him.

PM me if you are interested and i’ll forward his details. to put this project in comparison, i’ve seen 2" and 3" metal discs (a fraction of an inch thick, like a metal wafer) with poor quality engraved seals selling for thousands of dollars. the benefit of using molds is that the process can be repeated, and the more people who purchase this set (or any part of it), the cheaper the per-unit cost becomes. with hand-engraving, there will always be the same labour cost per unit, and thus no bulk discount.

kind regards, james.

Thank you TJ,

I have both of those Sacred Texts from Golden Hoard, as well as all of there releases except 2-3 of them? I forget. The Magicians Tables is an invaluable resource/reference text. Anyways thank you for bringing the info to the BALG Forum.


TJ, that is so fucking badass. Now all I need to do is gain 80kg and grow a beard and you can call me Poke Runyon lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious to see how much it will cost. I’m pretty keen on it. Keep us informed.

hell i’ll poke you all day if you ask nice enough.

and M_439, i didn’t really bring anything to the forum. it’s all there in the books:)

i’ll keep you posted.


okay i have an update.

all sigils will be hand carved from wax and casting will be via the lost-wax process.

here’s the quotes for each metal. i’ve asked for the quote to be in lots of 12 sigils per metal as mentioned above. this allows us to multiply the number of sigils we need (which is 6 lots of 12) by any combination of metals we like. if you want to stick with tradition, the list is in a previous post. however, if you want all of one metal, just multiply the cost for that metal by 6. of course, any combination in between works, too.

also, you don’t have to order the set all at once. you can order a batch of 12 sigils (just tell him which ones you want) at a minimum at the prices quoted above. that way, you can spread out the payments into six lots (although if you wanted the 24 in copper, you’d need to order that as a single batch in so that he can keep metal prices down).

i guess i should also say that these prices are subject to change etc, but if you want to confirm the latest price, do so before placing your order. it’s up to you. also, if you want less than 12 (like if you’re going with 9 kings like in the goetia instead of the “revised” version with 12 kings) you’ll have to ask for a price personally. finally, right at the end of the list, i’ve included non-traditional metals (like stainless) for those of you who do not use (or do not care about) planetary associations etc and just want a kickass set of metal sigils.

the silver + tin are being used in place of pure silver for the spirits associated with Monday and the Moon. there are two ways to do this. either “inclusion casting” where pellets of silver are cast right inside the zinc, which is cheaper, or actually melted and mixed with white bronze, which is more expensive. i would much prefer the latter method, so i’m currently following that up by way of practicality, but the prices below include both options. 'im inclined to go with the white bronze because then the silver will be atomically uniform throughout the bronze, albeit scarce (we’re thinking less than 10% sterling silver), but that’s quite different from having chunks of silver inside a zinc shell. also, white bronze is a hella nicer metal than zinc.

if anyone has a good metaphysical reason for wanting/needing zinc with silver inside rather than white bronze with silver melted through, please do let me know as i don’t want to overlook anything.

Price estimates for sets of 12 (all in USD):
Copper $203 ($406 for 24)
Tin $240
Aluminum $170
Brass $220
Zinc with Silver $200

Stainless $300
Lead $175
White Bronze with Silver $250

if we went with a “standard” set, here’s what it would cost:

12 Kings -> Brass = $220
24 Dukes -> Copper = $406
12 Princes -> Tin = $240
12 Marquises -> White Bronze/Silver = $250
12Presidents -> Aluminium = $170

Total = USD$1286.00 + Shipping

the price ranges from $1020 for all aluminium sigils to $1800 for all stainless sigils. do bear in mind that this is all 72 daemons of the goetia, and that the seals themselves will be 2" diameter by 3/16" thick, so they are considerably more substantial than what has been available in the past. moreover, they will be professionally cast and not hand engraved, so precision is ensured between units.

the next thing i’m working on is a test piece to show you all the quality of the workmanship and how the finished product will actually look.


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Greetings I am definitely interested in obtaining the sigils in their proper metal… How can I contact you? New to this site and still learning how to navigate through it