Custom bija mantras

Have you ever created custom bija mantras invoking the forces you want in one mantra?like which even maybe combo of traditional bija mantras but not mentioned before ever?

No but its pretty interesting idea. Have you?

There is a Book called ''NAMARUPA : THE MAGIC OF TANTRA MANTRA, that teach exactly how to do that. The book is written by Phillip Hurley and Leigh Hurley and even if i didnt did this practice yet,(I have the two other book from the Tantra Yoga Series, so i go step by step ) i know that this Book teach it since i readed it quickly to see what it have to offer.

Awesome! Thank you for the information!

That a Pleasure, in fact i was not sure what to expect when i ordered these three Book about Tantra Yoga, since all the one i read in the Past were Either, full of non-useful things for me, too Dogmatic etc… But those three Books are Wonderfully well Written, they insist on Individual Power, and Self Initation , very Good Book i am very Please with them so far

I have one in mind OM AIM HREEM KLEEM CHAMUNDAYE VICHAY and om gam ganapataye namaha to om gam aim hreem kleem chamundaye vichaye namaha to combine the powers of goddess saraswati laxmi kali and lord ganesha for magical protection success abundance siddhis and wisdom

Those sound good. I actually do really well with mantras so i might try them out :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a try too…

Sweet! We can compare notes :slight_smile:

Let’s do it!!!