Just going through the old brain box earlier I was thinking about cursing. Specifically if you could curse someone to lose all their relationships and friendships with anyone other than you, how you would do it and what demons you would call on?


This is something that I am trying to work on currently. I was thinking about asking Asmodeus to assist me.

The actual working:

First, I’d call upon Lord Asmodeus and get feels from him to see if he is willing to assist me. Show him my target with either a picture, or mental image(if I invoke him). If he gives me the go ahead, I’ll proceed. I usually offer blood to assist him. To give him energy.

At this point, there are many ways to go about it. You can take a group picture with the person in it. Take a knife, athame, or scissors, push your intent of severing all relations and friendships from this person. Let Asmodeus help with his energy, feel his passionate wrath. (You may become consumed by it, just a heads-up). Slash the face of all the people around the target, picture their bitterness or pet peeves growing with your target. Neglecting, ignoring, or distancing from your target, for one reason or another.

Then, cut out your target from the group picture. Whole. Take your targets picture and tape it to your picture. Wrap with a red ribbon. Enclose the pictures in both of your hands(right palm over your left palm) and push love, understanding, trust, tenderness, compassion, and reliability into it. Give the pictures a kiss even, whisper supportive comments to the targets picture, like “I will always be there for you”, “I am your true friend”, etc… You can leave the pictures on a plate or bed of sugar, or a jar of honey and sugar. Allow that energy to grow everyday. Whisper love and support to it.

If you don’t have pictures, invoke Asmodeus, or your demon(s) of choice. Picture your target as clear as you can. Corrupt their bubble, or aura around them, visualize it festering. Growing black. Push an intense repulsion and disgust into their aura. Again, Asmodeus can help amplify these feelings. Embed a seed of exception for yourself, around where their heart is. Any who approach or interact with them are repulsed. Picture festering flesh, maggots, creepy crawlies, infesting their aura with the intent to push away or repulse.

Envision your target interacting with their friends, or those they are in a relationship with, see your targets repulsive aura corrode their friends as they come within vicinity, making the targets friends feel uncomfortable. Withering the ties that bind them. The targets friends grow increasingly uncomfortable and eventually abandon your target or become struck down by an “unfortunate” event or illness.

Now, the seed you planted. When they interact with you, have the seed blossom with all those “good feels”. Love, compassion, relief, etc… Have those feels consume your target. If it’s a romantic or sexual interest of yours, you can have the seed grow tendrils into the targets, root, sacral, heart, and crown chakra. Pumping them full of energy. Lustful and/or romantic thoughts and feels. Asmodeus really helps with this type of energy… Mmm…

You can also envision the above as you are masturbating, visualizing all of this and focusing it all as you climax. Be sure to let Asmodeus or the demon(s) of your choice have some of your sweet juices when you finish, of course.


The Tome by Gordon Winterfield, Demons of Magic, has a very good portion of introductory information about working with these Grand Spirits and under the powers attributed to each, is a specific but not all inclusive list of abilities. This tome specifically has in the information you request, as much, much more. Good Purchase to make, great addition to any occult library for workers.

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So you want a lover that can’t think, speak, or act for themselves? I just don’t see the point. Instead, what about working magic to make yourself the most irresistable interest?


I actually just finished a working like this for someone. My go to for this is evoke a storm entity to bring chaos and strife in their life.
this one I also combined by calling on the runes of hagal thurisaz and otha with the intent to destroy their relationships and connections to friends and family



Just so everyone knows, @nikki @Fuego1, it was just a thought process nothing more. I was thinking of what would happen if someone got into a relationship and the partner isolated the person from friends and family then the partner decided they would go out and play around or leave them. That person would be on their own and isolated so would there be a way to magikally do it to the partner who isolated them.


There are more than a few women out there who have very controlling partners who make them cut off contact with friends and family because the partner doesn’t like them or just wants complete control of the woman. What then if the partner found someone new to control and kicked the woman out? No friends or family? Wouldn’t payback be nice?


Alternatively what if you broke up from a long term relationship and they told horrible lies about you so all the friends you had stopped talking to you?


Great points and a shared experience. My bad … I mistook it at first … I see nothing wrong with people empowering themselves.