Hi Asbjorn: In your last video you stated that spiritual warfare is the same thing as psychological warfare. So is there not a way to curse someone if you don’t want to let them know? Also, is there a way way to bring a true curse on someone that is not just “noticing bad things in a person’s life and attributing that to a curse”? In other words, how do you actually bring something negative upon them that wouldn’t have come about without you cursing them?

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Of course

The average person doesn’t notice subtle subconscious changes in behavior. The same reason most people don’t see the ideomotor response on a ouija board. When you attempt to make a curse especially to someone who has physical or some one to one contact with you (someone at work, a neighbor etc even a fb friend) you will unconscious act differently that their subconscious will pick up again mostly unconsciously.

Most curses are non deliberate, and most who get cursed create it themselves. But yes it is possible to do it without them know.


I guess what I’m really driving at is whether there is such a thing as a curse that is not rooted in the victim consciously or unconsciously perceiving changes from the curse giver or rooted in them bringing bad things into their life out of fear. So essentially, can a curse giver manipulate energy in such a way that actually brings about negative things into a victim’s life that would not have arisen otherwise. For example, can an effective curse be done that fits the following parameters: 1. You and the victim do not know each other (which removes the "fear factor " from the person). 2. You are unable to easily observe the daily circumstances in their life (which removes the tendency for the person doing the curse to assign meaning to randomness). 3. The curse is specific and would in all likelihood not have occurred in the victim’s world.