Cursing with limited info

Can you curse someone with just a picture and first name


Yes. If I can figure it out, I can curse an abstract concept of a person in another person’s mind.


If you’re looking for someone to curse somebody, you probably cursed them just by attracting my attention.


That’s the link. Say you don’t have a picture and a first name. Give him/her a name. A name that fills your anger and the link is made


Bro, that bad ass. Im still working to curse without exces emotion. I mean, sometime i have to strike people who have wrong my friends


Absolutely. No one fucks with your friends or family. People need to know that. The more people know you ain’t to be fucked with, the better your curses will get.

Every now and then you get a hard nut to crack, and you need a more labor intensive curse. Emotions can help with that. Like too many screaming matches between a couple in a home can cause a paultergeist.

You’re lack of emotion can strike enough fear in a close target that it could leave them vulnerable. Any raw physical power you have can keep the vulnerability open to exploit the fear through intimidation, a good time to plant the curse.


Yup, that is enough to esrablish a link. While there are curses that call for biological material of the target to establish that link, names and imagery of the individual have proven to be enough in my exprience. There have also been historical curses found that uses the target’s name as the link, such as Greco-Roman curse tablets.


Yes use this method to make spirit powder.

How To Make Hoodoo Spirit Powder - YouTube

dont let the sequin dress fool you lol.


Yup. It’s all about your intent.

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Like others have mentioned yes.

Actually that’s more than enough


Also, sometimes you don’t even need a name, you can just describe the person as “so and so who works in the shoe store”

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Thanks for the insight bro, its really help me. Few days ago some asshole knocking down my mother store and try to get some money by pointing a knife through her.

I track down that MF but I cant find him anywhere, I know who he is and where he lives but no luck to find him anywhere. So I invoke Dratalon to fuck him up. I dont have any info about him since then. The emotion when I perform the ritual is so intense and clearly in my mind eyes I can see his demise.

While another issue is when my friend got fired from his job cause he help me moving, and he miss the important deals with his company. I feel bad so I try to bind his Boss, but not like my mother I feel empty and strugling with the emotion.


Thank you for all the help

How are you doing now?