Cursing while other Magick is on the way?

Dear all,

I’m looking for your advices / opinions.
I hired a Professional so help me out with my relationship problem as
I felt that 1) can’t do it on my own and 2) I am not able to forget and let Magick work for me.
Honestly, even if I hired her the situation is still circling in my mind but not only a bit :slight_smile:

While her powerful Magick is on the way I really have to get my anger under control.
But everything I tired didn’t work :slight_smile: Usually I am not aggressive at all but injustice drives me crazy. And he is treating me like shit atm. Literally. Anyway love is still the key feeling.

One option would be to bomb him with angry sms to tell him how stupid his behavior is etc. BUT that’s not me. I am not a girl like that and I don’t wanna turn into this.

I wanna send a little, little curse on the way, just a little one to make him suffer like I do. That would take my anger away and I can patiently wait till her Magick had worked.

Maybe you will ask now why I wanna curse him when I Loe him. Well I don’t have a real answer so please oversee that.

Thank you all for your advices.

xx Hailie


I’m cursing the shit out of my husband while he’s off with someone else. It’s all part of my plan for when he comes home to act like he has sense. Sometimes you have to hurt the ones that you love when they’re not behaving correctly. Some of the people on here are not going to agree with how you and I feel, but I just wanted to let you know you’re definitely not alone.

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Thx. Bit more I worry about if it could be a problem to put a curse out there when there is already Magick from the Professional in the air. I don’t wanna “disturb” any of her Energies.

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Personally, I’d let her work and leave it alone. If for no other reason than for what your fears are: you’ll be worried either way which will impact your results.


Hmm, makes sense. :roll_eyes:

There’s also the possibility it could harm her, and although I would hope she has defences, it’s not a great risk to take IMO. Curses flying around ARE dangerous and she’s intimately involved in this and working within his energy field.


Thx @Lady_Eva. That made it crystal clear!