Cursing someone's past to impact their present

Is it possible? I thought it was a load of crap. However, I realize that I am now evoking entities in my evocations which were in my past, but I did not know them back then.

Example? I could overhear a set of angels talking about me a few years ago. NOW, I have evoked angels which I believe turned out to be the same set of angels that I had encountered in my past…BEFORE I started evoking angels. E.A. has mentioned before that to a spirit, all time exists in the present and that once you evoke a spirit, it will be from that moment, that they have always been there guiding you.

NOW, here is the kicker…can we take baneful spirits and put it in someone’s past in order to destroy them at the present? Can we use magic to warp their parents so that they will have a lousy childhood?


In the very least you can twist their memories of the past. Memories are flawed by virtue of how they are interpreted through emotion. Memories may seem like a portal to the past, but they are actually impressions in the brain. (duh, i know)

Just like you can change paragraphs of an old diary, or how the history of victims of war can be rewritten, you can mess with someone’s memory.

Remember how fun that camping trip was? Boy those were the days! … actually the trip sucked, the elders were just drinking their faces off and not paying attention to us at all. You got a rash and I shit my pants after that bad chicken. We got sunburns and you tried to grab my dick. Fun times indeed.

People will reminisce and get all nostalgic and shit when they need comfort.

As far as time travel, my brain can’t understand temporal displacement and our hyperspherical time bending universe, but maybe demons do, of course. There really is some crazy time bending shit happening in the universe.

Regardless of how it works, planting a demon in someone’s past will absolutely work. The spirit can ruin or twist events so that they are remembered differently. You can even get someone to think they have been cursed since childhood.

It is also a great way of rewriting your own past so that the occult touches you more deeply.

Generational demonic interference is well beyond me. That one is for our more learned friends on the forum.


I know you would like to curse and hex an enemy by doing that but if it actually worked you might end up just making your opponent more powerful. What does not kill us makes us stronger. You could end up creating a monster in the process. If you may just be better off doing magick for personal gain rather than revenge. And if he truly deserve some kind of curse then do a simple one and don’t get complicated with it.


Time traveling magic isn’t something to take lightly.


Part of the reason I ask these questions is because I had zero connection with magic at a child, except for a few very, very odd occurances. Once, I saw images images moving along my wall when I was around 8. Then it happened again weeks later, only THIS time, I could not alter their shapes or affect them with my mind. I kept my closet doors open after that so that they would have less lit up surface area to move across. That’s it. I told my Christian parents about this and they said it was a “kid thing” and just in my head, so trust Jesus.

It was just odd. Everything normal and typical. Then BooM! …and life moved on. Why? As I was leaving the Christian faith, I looked back at events like this. The big one? A number of years back I had mildly potergeist type annoyances. I gave up on “God helping me out” and left Christianity, lived in denial of these events, then got into magic and am asking tons of questions.

Was this a baneful curse from an enemy OR my own envoked entities (present or yet future) reaching out to me and guiding me? I have to say, I did not fear the baneful magic done to me cause I had already had a dose of it.


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Looking back at it, I am glad the bejesus was scared out of me with spirits as a kid…it let me know what I could be capable of accomplishing.

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This is exactly the sort of thing I have been searching for information on for weeks!
Have you done this before or know of methods that you could explain to me? Since I cannot astral project (yet), and the thought of me having to haunt this person night after night to change their memories while they sleep seems annoying, I thought of creating a thoughtform or a servitor who could torture this person for me, I don’t mind feeding it. THAT I will gladly do daily. I’ve never made a TF or servitor and am trying to figure out how exactly to make one, the difference between the 2, if I can change or add programming after creation… so many questions, so many tabs open on my computer…

So, what is your advice/method?

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Wow. I find that extremely interesting please explain more or how to go about it. Thanks.

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what spirit r demon would you suggest?