Cursing someone you love

I talked to him today and told him what everyone here had said. He told me he had just been venting and never wanted to really curse her so we are good there. He did say thanks for the diet advice though lol. So I wish I’d have known that I never would have asked on here but oh well.

I honestly dont know what stage she is. She can’t remember my name when I come over but she does know I’m his friend.

I realize that I am late to the party, but I did not notice you mentioning that she wanted to die. So I have to wonder why all the suggestions for doctor assisted suicide?

I’m not going to give any opinion on this as per forum rules. On the other hand, I do find it an interesting measure of individuals when they so quickly look to death as a solution.

Magickally, if you want to help your friend,call upon Raphael or Marbas to ease her suffering. Then your hands are clean if they decide to ease her suffering by allowing a peaceful exit. And try to give her joy, as seemingly impossible as it might be in such pain. When my great gram was blind and her brain rotting from the same disease, she was so fucked up that she thought I was a little girl, but Devil Dogs and Ho Hos could put a smile on her face right up to her final days.

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He practices too. He was just venting. I thought he was serious and it made me slightly uncomfortable. That’s why I asked for advice. I didn’t know how to confront the situation but it wasnt needed and instead I’ve wasted everyone’s time. For that I sincerely apologize y’all.

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No apologies needed. That’s what we are called a ‘community’ for. :slight_smile:

Look, i know of policies where people in such condition are legally starved to death, taking a time of sometimes a few weeks for death to seddle in, to secure the Doctors not being compromised for “killing”, while pushing the person through a tremendous suffering, of not taking any food or liquids in, for the whole extended period of time.
Of course that comes with the extra problem of someone “kind-hearted”, wanting to reduce the suffer and secretly giving some water any maybe even some food to the person, extending the period of suffercation instead of easing the pain.

All based on a law of “there shouldn’t be a kill performed on a person knocking on the doors of Heaven / afterlife, anyways allready.”
I’m morally against killing, to an extreme degree.
Becouse i’ve been there!
I have both killed magickally aswell as died from Sorcery, and those memories are just from a relatively small span of time.

So what’s the best action to take in that sense.

If he haves close access - give her a fast and secure transfair into the other worlds.
That’s best done with talking to her, allowing her to let go, giving freedom to move on.
It can be aided along with medical impact, but it doesn’t have to be that.

REMEBER - all you need to let go of life /( a current embodyment) is to stop breathing.

Which can relatively easy be achieved by performing a heavy stun in the lungs / heart Solar Plexus.

Some of the Sorcerers here will have to do way more if they want to die, since they reached immortality and are immune to such attacks.

Thus, those are well suited to control their Athman / Soul to the degree of leaving their Body and going forth to either control an existing vessle to atach to and take some action that might be necessary to take their killer out, or directly go forward to re-integrate into a new body by getting into a new Body. (going through Birth process again.)

So since we adressed that, how about his moral scare-city?

Is he going to be a bad person / evil for killing a beloved one?
It’s actually not Killing, it’s a letting go expierience.

Asrael can help explaining that, channel or evoke him to get further understanding!

Killing is and act of taking a life that wasn’t ready to end, and doing that to gain benefits from it.
(thus, being baneful workings.)

At the same time, this is about releasing someone from pain and suffering instead of destroying that person.

Also, the Process of Alzheimer is basically a part of Soul-dissolvement, where the body usually is stacking up heavy metals as it allready progresses towards being dis-assambled and preparing for re-assembling for spreading into several new life-forms.

Alzheimer can be controlled and reduced by removing Aluminum and other metals from the body and replacing those with the missing Elements. (See the Chinease 5 Element’s chart for further understanding regarding which Elements need to be re-filled.)

However, unless you plan on magically returning the diseased person to a state of several decades younger (which would need quite a good amount of correctly brewed elixier of Life), i’d highly suggest to help the Re-integration process to go it’s natrual way.

You can conjure the passed away up after a while to see if everything is okay and you can help channeling the energy into a new body. (or into the desired afterlife - i did that giving my grandma a fastened ascend into heaven which she decided to go forward to re-incarnate from on her own. She told me when i conjured her up at least 2 years after her funeral.)

Hope this answered and ended all questions there are, regarding your question @damianmoore

If you have further question, feel free to message me up.