Cursing someone you don't know?

Ok so long story short : someone ruined my sisters car completely and now she needs a new car and has no money because the person fled. Shes crying and she’s mad at the person, and it really hurts me seeing her like this. Is there a way for me to curse the person that did this without having any information as to what they look like or what they’re called ? (Sorry if this is stupid)
If not a curse, is there any other way I can help her ?

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Hmm, if you have a strong bond with a particular spirit, you could sick them on the job. Use some pieces of the broken car in the ritual, bits of glass, metal, plastic. Then just use the spirit to hunt down the victim like a blood hound. There probably wouldn’t be any way to verify if the curse worked or not (considering you would have no contact with the victim) but it might relieve some of the tension and anger of the situation :smiley:

As far as actually helping your sister, I think the best thing would be to try and contact the insurance company (that’s sort of their job), if that doesn’t work, maybe hook up with some money-giving / ATM spirits and get enough to buy a craigslister?

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Evoke Andromalius. If you need help , PM me. He will find the person that did it, punish them and make it all better. I just love him. This is his speciality. To improve finances for another car, evoking Bune could also help.

Both of these spirits are friendly and helpful if approached correctly. I adore them both . good luck


Andromalius attributes the punishment of theives so I would say that’s applicable. I know it sucks but it’s sort of hard to harness the energy for an efffective curse against a nameless faceless person. I mean I’m sure the will is there but the malice afoot needs a target. Although I have no doubt the will and belief is there. I believe there was an old BALG video and the “moral” no pun intended was “name your enemy”- it’s an oldie. I’ll have to try and find it.

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