Cursing someone who led me on and offered false hope in a desperate time

Hey Guys

I’m thinking of cursing someone who offered me false hope with gigs and potential work in a desperate time and really led me on. They’re really cocky also. Is this a thing that people curse other people for.


You can curse someone for any reason whatsoever. It can be because of an injustice, or it can be completely petty and arbitrary. The only arbiter of whether it is worth it or not is you.


What are some good ones then?

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To Hex or Not to Hex. When the powers that be are stacked against us, using magic to redress the problem seems like the thing to do.

And personally, it’s always a temptation to hex someone who does you wrong. The lover who dumps you, the boss who makes unreasonable demands, or the sleazy booking agent who claimed he could make you a star or at the very least get you that great gig.

When you wake up fuming in the middle of the night, it’s only human to want to hurt them back. The decision is up to you but you should consider all factors before performing baneful castings that might interfer with your future. In particular if it will effect future work in a cut throat business that knows who does what and he will know who cast something that could come back to haunt you.


Have you ever performed any baneful rituals previously, who is your patron deity?

Sounds like some people I know. People curse others at the drop of a Hat. Im always leery of offers like this and always have multiple backup sources before embarking on any adventure like this.