Cursing someone curious

This guy is willing to be cursed because he wants to experience real magic. I would give you his name and a last initial. He is really willing to. I had given him many warnings. He wants to be a small target practice. Probably not something life destroying, just to make him believe. I could tell the name in PM. Thanks. He really wants to experience it badly. He told me it’s the only way he’d believe magic is real.

Two things popped in my head when I read this.

  1. This dude is a dumbass, I’d rather someone do a money spell that lands me a couple hundred as proof before I’d ask to be cursed.

  2. If I ever want someone to get cursed by multiple people I’ll make a thread like this. “Hey guys this person (I secretly hate) I know wants to be cursed to prove that magic is real. PM me for their name and photo and birthday etc. Don’t worry HE’S TOTALLY OK WITH THIS I PROMISE! Don’t go easy on him lets make him a believer!”

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Everytime I read things like this I think… why would someone need to get validation this way when they can just go and try for themselves and see if it works for them or not.

Its a pattern that repeats constantly, needing some sort of external stimuli to induce this validation as opposed to discovering it inwardly. Besides, ‘believing’ blindly is just like religious dogma crap isn’t it?

I got hte idea. I think the best thing would be to send on him some spirit that is causing nightmares. Or some spirit that will be around him, sometimes even visible. This should be enough, why ruin someone’s life just because he is not mature enough?

Magic takes time and effort, and cursing someone is an especially exhaustive experience. Don’t you get it? The magician INVESTS PART OF HIMSELF in his magic. Why the hell do you think anyone actually capable of doing this would want to go through all this just for the sake of convincing some idiot through a little experiment?

You know what I think about Randi? I think that any magician worth his salt wouldn’t WANT to prove to the world that magic works. I sure as hell don’t want to. Fuck, imagine you were the only person on the planet who practiced magic and communed with spirits. Imagine the power you would have. Fuck humanitarianism.

I know Randi is an asshole :slight_smile: the guy gets free money for validating shit.