Cursing Question

I have waited patiently for this time. I have kept a list of my enemies. I have consecrated my athame to the powers of darkness and am just about ready to strike my enemies down with the power of magick. Before I begin, I have heard of people that do a curse, it works, and then everything seems to go wrong and tragic in the magicians life. I don’t know if the evil spirit used then attaches itself to the practitioner and causes havoc in his or her life. Are there any cautions or pre-rituals I should take before sending death and torment to my enemies so that I am not harmed also?

That usually only happens for two reasons.

The magician believes in karma, which therefor makes them feel like in return they should expect some kind of bad luck in their lives for causing harm to another, and just that very thought can cause such bad luck to manifest in their lives.

Or, the magician did not cleanse their ritual working space after doing baneful magick. So make sure you cleanse your space and any tool you use during the ritual like your athame, any talismans. Any candles you use you want to either burn them all the way down, bury them outside, or if you plan on keeping them store them in a seal tight container with only other objects used for baneful magick purposes, and preferably in a container that is said to contain energy something made of metals.

Do some research if you choose the sealed container method for appropriate container types. You don’t want to later reuse the candles for other types of magick so if you do use a container make sure you label it, if you live with others and cannot write “baneful goods” on the box, write something in code that you will remember what it actually means.

How do I cleanse my ritual space and items? Also, when I consecrated my athame, the atmosphere turned from chill and laid back to really creepy. It really felt like a dark presence was standing at the altar waiting for me to arrive. I then lit a black candle and called to the demons Lilith and Samael. The candles flame was burning high and strong. Normally when I light that type of candle it has a small flame but I called to those demons for the consecration and as I growled and called for them to consecrate the athame for the destruction of my enemies the candle flame was burning a little stronger than it usually would. I have that candle in a tote along with the rest of my magical supplies. Should I bury that candle or burn it down? Or should I just let it be and reuse it in another ritual?

You know what I love about working with demonic entities?

No matter how much a person talks shit on the internet, brags and blusters about how powerful they are to their friends, or acts like they’re the darkest, hardest mofo to ever utter the name Lilith, those atavistic forces are going to see right through you, and are going to treat you exactly as you treat them. If your game is all about repression, and if you have the self awareness of a gnat, you’re going to have about the control over these entities that a butterfly has over a hurricane.

My advice to you is to approach these entities as you would an elementary school teacher, and you their student. Until you can master their forces in your daily life, trying to wield them in baneful works is a phenomenally bad idea.

But, on the other hand, I get a kick out of reading about how people don’t take my advice and get burned for it, so… win/win for me, I guess.

There are many adept magicians on here. I M NOT one of them. I am just an infant beginner. So listen to them first and formost. I will just say that due to my negligence, my baneful curse wrecked my life in a huge way. Until I gain skills, I will never try one again. For now I am sticking with positive things lest I fuck myself again.

Well elementary school teacher might be an bad example because around here at least for my knowledge we don’t pay a shit of respect to those types. At least i have never cared for them.

But i do respect the grande demons! the true teachers and wanderers in the darkness and light ov existence. Great maguses too, so i guess a demon would typically be a “greater magi”

Raven is spot on when it comes to cleansing your items. Especially if you dont want the thick suffocating atmosphere to remain close to you… Remember, you created that energy, and it will stay with you unless you dispel it. Also speak with respect to the spirits, even the good ones. Your asking them to direct that energy into fruition by the means of the energy you feede them, so its just like speaking with a close family member. Lastly, I think karma to people is an over~thought process of morals. As you are preparing to become a living God, you must forget about doing good or bad in others peoples` lives. The way I see it, when I make a call for change in anothers life either good or bad, there will be consequences. People think that these consequences are going to.come back to them in some way because they feel guilty. Dont feel guilt or shame. If that person deserves suffering, you are the advocate that speaks into the wind of chaotic judgment. You made the change, stick to your guns and let go. If you were to blow someones brains out, dont feel remorse if you get caught and go to jail. The ability to stay firm in judgement is crucial in my eyes. As a breathing, living God incarnate, you must have hightened feelings, suffering is necessary, but think this. Is it really worth spending my time pondering things that have already started to come into fruition?

Oh, to cleanse your tools there are multiple ways to do this but not every method is suitable for all items. Most people use one of the 4 main elements for cleansing such as:

Air: Pass the tool back and forth thru the smoke of some incense

Water: Mix some salt in a bowl of water and sprinkle small amounts of that salt water onto the tool

Fire: Pass the tool thru the flame of a candle

Earth: Sprinkle dirt from the earth onto the tool, don’t rub it in or you’ll get the item dirty, but take small pinches of dirt and sprinkle it onto the tool while holding it at an angle so the dirt touches the tool but then quickly rolls off into a bowl or onto a paper towel.

Discard the dirt or water after use. If using incense, let the cone or stick burn all the way down. If using a candle, no cleaning up is necessary but make sure you only use the same candle from then on out to cleanse future tools. No need to discard or bury it, but you should have a few general purpose candles on hand just for things like cleansing.

To cleanse your working space there are a few methods. You can burn a sage bundle (most often used type for this is white or blue sage) or you can substitute the sage for an incense stick or a copal/resin based incense censor with a chain. You can also sprinkle salt water around your altar and anywhere you have cast a circle or performed a spell. Some people like to sprinkle salt directly (no water) onto the floor of their working space and let it sit for a few minutes to soak up any negative energy, then vacuum or sweep it up when done. There are other ways, but these are just a few. Some people just burn incense while chanting a phrase about banishing negative energy and/or ask for a positive spirit of choice to aid them in the cleansing, just depends on your path type.