Cursing Privacy Invaders

In knowing how common it is for former employers like mine to steal e-mail passwords and read private messages, how would one go about cursings those that invade your on-line privacy?

Suggestions anyone?

Servitor to protect your personal email from outside magickal influence.

Thoughtforms at the employers to make them forget your passwords while their business fail in intense chaos.

S. Connolly has a curse on some of her books that anyone who pirates them will be cursed. You could try something similar, find a spirit that helps one keep secrets or keeps things hidden ask them to attack whoever intrudes on your privacy.

You could also sigilized your password and curse it yourself for anyone who steals it will receive your desired response.

Just ideas.

  1. You can visualize their business, computer, house, business location, pocketbook, etc… and Evoke grey/black death energy (keep the energy outside of yourself, Evoke it) Invoking energy is bringing it from inside yourself. That could HURT you here, so always Evoke it, or draw it from the outside of yourself.
    Then send the energy at their business, computer, etc. as listed above. (Or any other object you want.)
  2. Or you can creat an elemental, of any one of the 4 elements, or a combination (water and air create rot, decay). Command it as to what you want it to do. Then send it on it’s task.
  3. You can also use a demon, if you are in contact with them, to carry the curse for you.
    Joy of Satan’s Satanic Witchcraft section goes in detail on how to do this.
    They also recomment the Power Meditation section of their site, to help you increase your own energy, and comcentration.
    Also, for added fun, if you want, you can use these techniques with their business transactions, customers, etc.
    I would personally ONLY do this if the customer were offending me, or was a criminal (the type that caused myself and innocent people to suffer.)
    Anyway, however you prefer to use this, it is an option.