Cursing own parents

They prayed to saint Michael. He needs to call Archangel Michael. The angel is different from the saint. If he asks Archangel Michael to defend him and punish his parents it should work.

I believe your buddy should call on Belial and tell him about the situation going on. He’ll help free your friend from the abuse happening, I understand your friend wants to death curse because of the years of pain and anguish, but it isn’t worth his time.

Right now, he needs to get out of that house. If he doesn’t want or seriously cannot leave he needs to focus on creating harmony within it or creating a detour so his parents will cease with the abuse and look upon him with respect. Since you say you’re from Brazil, your guys culture is different from mine since I’m American and I understand in South American cultures its common from many generations of family members to remain under the same roof. Tell him to look towards harmonizing then guarding him. Sabnock is excellent as a protector and I’m sure he’ll protect him.

If he’s still really piss and still want vengeance. He can go to Santa Muerte, tell her what’s going on, express his pain and ask for justice then to get him out or improve relations.

I hope things are better for him. No one should beat on their kid no matter how old they are.

Please oh please id love to hear what he did if you want to share on pm


In the first place , they may be protected , he should pray for a better solution from The Archangel Michael himself .

Good job mikey, protecting the assholes.

Fucking hell, call on Samael, trust me.

This needs to be dealt with first. There a Jesus Altar in my mothers house (sort of not a real altar though) that pops alot when I spend too much time reading about demons or pagan gods. I just ignore it but if I were ever move against her (theoretically) then I would need to remove all her Godly and Angelic protection first. I was even told once by another witch that her house is ruled by her spirits and to deal with her I would first have to deal with them.

There’s a misconception regarding Archangels as mindless do gooders, and that is just not the case. They don’t care one single bit how Christians feel, nor about how magick practitioners feel. They are cold natured and are capable of joining your efforts, whether they’re self-centered desires you have or not. They’re partial, however, to making people own up to their suppression and making people keep their covenants.

They can be excellent allies, guardians, and Messengers as well as nasty opponents.

I’m an advocate for working with them somehow and not against them.

However, they are also capable of loving kindness and teaching you to use affectionate sexual energy to get through to people just as any Authority figure of the spiritual planes.


I have one question. If Michelle is present in the house and he’s all for justice then why isn’t he protecting the person that is being harmed? Or is it one those things that you have to go to them despite them possibly knowing already what’s going on. Also this kinda proves my point in angels don’t give a shit. :unamused:

Well dang I was about to message him a curse I use that works for me when I deal with bad people, but this guy is suspended. :frowning: