Cursing own parents

I have a friend who lives in a very toxic family, his father beats him when he is stressed and beats his mother, and his mother burns his cigarette butt for sheer malice. his parents are Christians and call on Jehovah daily, just as they have an altar for michael and daily call on michael through prayers.

my friend told me that in a moment of hatred he said ‘’ i curse you in the name of belphegor (which is the daemon he works the most) ‘’ he saw flies going towards his parents but from the michael statue a light that repelled the attack and threw it back at him, he got nausea and vomiting.

he asked me to point out to him some daemon or spirit of destruction for quick death, like stroke or a car crash, for example. as I never cursed people so close, I don’t have any experience to transmit, so I would like to ask you:

1 what would be the best fast destruction daemon for him to work

2 what would be the chances that the death curse would come back to him and he would die?

I thought about recommending Bael / Beelzebub to him, but from my experience of curses with Beelzebub, all my targets took weeks or months to be destroyed. and I don’t believe he has all that time, from what I see he’s close to doing some shit and I don’t want my friend dead or stuck in jail

Thanks in advance


Nope. If Michael worked against him then he should petition Michael first. That s just my opinion. He needs to bring his case to Michael and summon him on his behalf then he can summon Gaap or even Samael and my personal favorite, Furfur, to curse them. He needs to break their defenses first. And archangel Michael fights for the weak and defends people against injustice. Tell him to call on Michael


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Nonsense. Sounds like the kind of garbage bible thumpers say with honor your father and mother. Yeah ok people should honor abusive parents. I think not.


Since Michael has power in that house, I’d enlist him. Fight fire with fire. Michael is big on justice and very baneful, as nasty as any daemon can be, and that sword is lethal


What experience do you have to back this up?

I smell preaching… of a well known JCI doctrine. Preaching is against the rules here, so get real or keep your religious dogma to yourself.

There’s loyalty among daemons, not humans, and loyally is earned. It’s been broken here by the parents already.


I will have to disagree with you there my friend.


Do you think Michael would abandon them? After they have called on him for so long?

That certainly depends on the family in question. As per my own experience they have no problem to turn against family members if requested.

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It’s not a case of abandoning them. He’ll do as he’s asked because that’s his job. So you just have to ask for more for yourself.

Listen to the meat of this podcast by EA… although the title is about demons, it applies the same to any conflicting request or counter curse in the occult.

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So what if the parents ask him for help again?

I think it would be up for Michael.

It doesn’t matter. Remember the hierarchy … The operator, and then everything else.

This is explained in the video.

The operator’s will is always paramount.


So the one who asks him the latest gets the result?

No lol,the one with stronger will does.


Watch the video dude

I am watching

I recommend 1 of two things. A demon won’t fix this because St. Michael has already been invoked in his home, he will either have to work with St. Michael on his own OR he can work with Oggun and Yemaya. Oggun is a warrior and Yemaya will bring destruction upon anyone who hurts their kids… only thing is he’d most likely need to find an initiate of the ifa/lucumi religion… these types of spirits (saints Orishas) have been intertwined for so long they’re capable of being worked together.

Thats too much dogma and also very wrong.

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The one who has most intention/will/faith will get the result.