Cursing my exes with an angry jar: a journal

I’m making this so I can see if my own energy can have desired results. I have two very horrible ex boyfriends who I really hate with ever fiber of my being. I want their lives destroyed so the angry jar is just the start. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I want to document what happens in the coming days and weeks. Now normally I don’t go cursing people but I’ve been so fed up with the way things have been going in my life. I thought I had forgiven them but no, I just pushed the anger down and went on about life and that’s not any good. I’ve been doing love workings on a target and tonight I found myself so frustrated and that’s when it hit me: I’m pissed. I’m pissed at life, I’m pissed at myself, and most importantly, I’m pissed at all the people who made me feel like crap in the last couple of years when I all I tried to do was love them and help them. I also plan to curse my brother because he’s a piece of shit who tried to kill me in a drunken rage. I’m going to shake that jar every three days and let my anger build and finally be released. I’m tired of feeling stuck when I have magick at hand and I’ve seen it work. If anyone knows of other fun curses, I’d love to hear them. I won’t stop cursing them until I’m fully satisfied.


So for tonight, I’ve done the sour jar for one of my exes. I wrote his name and his current lover’s name and tore up the scraps in disgust, then I sliced up a lemon while channeling as much hate and anger as I could and tossed it on top of the paper as if imagining throwing away garbage. Then I chopped up a habanero pepper and threw it in there so he can feel my anger and feel suffering like never before. Then I added vinegar as if to pee all over his worthless life and sour his whole life. Idk if I did it right, but time will tell.


Now I didnt do the same but in a hoodoo book it is said to stir the mixture counterclockwise nine time with all your intent


So update: one of my exes seemingly got kicked out by his sugar momma a couple of weeks ago, since then I haven’t seen a post or update on his facebook (we’re still friends on there, lol). Not sure if it was magick or not, but I’m glad. He deserves what he gets. Next I’ll be targeting my brother; I actually have a lock of his hair so I’ll be getting creative with that.


If you are not limiting yourself into hoodoo I would suggest the books:

  1. Lucifer and the Hidden demons
    You will find all types of rituals to curse anyone you want to. Each ritual take 10 minutes and you wont need any candles or personal concerns of the target. I have use it with great success.
  2. Magickal Attack.
    It has a ritual that works with fire spirits to make your target to suffer. I had 100% success each time I used it.
  3. Practical Jinn Magic
    A book that works with Jinns. It has very good rituals to achieve your purpose. The only thing you will need is a black candle. This is serious magic and you will see extremely good results. The only downside is that you have to be prepared to possibly experience paranormal activity in your house and maybe premonitive dreams. Jinns communicate with you in this way.
  4. Angels of Wrath
    A very popular book that me and lots of other people have found success with. The angels can bring extreme pain and suffering to your targets that it is equivalent to the pain they caused you.
  5. Demons of Wrath
    Good book and strong results. I have used it with success.

Another idea to look into could be creating a servitor to break the resistance of your targets so they are more susceptible to the attacks. Look also into vampirism to diminish the resistance of the target.
A demon that I recently read who could help you is Valefar. He is the 6th Goetia Demon and he can steal the energy of your targets to make them do worse in life and help you do better.
Good luck! I hope you get what you are hoping for


I have all of those lol, but thank you for the suggestions.


Please keep us updated on your results.
I d love to see how you are doing. I have a similar situation too.


So one of my exes is now homeless.


Which one of the rituals did you use?

What a coincidence, I am considering cursing my ex XD

I highly recommend Hera as well.

Keep us posted!

So far my curses seem to only be effecting one person but my most recent ex (the one that’s basically homeless now) asked if he could stay with me. LMAO! Hell nawl.

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let us know if there’s anymore updates

Good for you! I also feel the same about my enemies.