Cursing My Enemy

How can I put this specific curse on my enemy? I don’t want to hurt him, I want him to lose all his friends, I want his girlfriend to leave him, and I want him to think about me 24/7 and be miserable.

I tried using the breakup curse from Gordon Winterfield’s Magickal Attack and have had no success yet. I have tried calling on demons but can’t seem to evoke them without candles (I can’t burn candles anymore because of where I live) but I used to be able to evoke them.

What can I do now?

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Without knowing much about you’re specific situation or that curse it sounds like you have a lot of attachment to the outcome.

If you can’t exhaust it all and you’re own feelings for this person in one ritual the majority of the time workings such as this will be ineffective.

Just curious why the need to have this person think about you everyday? If i’m going to curse someone, I want to be forgotten.

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You don’t need candles to evoke demons or any other spirit. Sigils will work fine in this case as focal point instead of a candle. You can use them for evocation or create a sigil for your desired outcome and cast a spell with it the same way you cast a candle spell.


Can you explain further, please?

Because I want him to suffer for what he did to me. He doesn’t necessarily need to think of me, just think of what he did to me.

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Can this work for regular spells that need candles too?

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Yes it works for those as well. But only if you can’t use candles.

Try to use symbols with the sigils if you’re planning to replace a candle. For example instead of a red candle, you can use red paper for the sigil to get the same symbolic effect. If it’s alove spell you can shape the paper like a heart. You can add drops of oil or incense to it just like a candle. You get the idea. This is not necessary but it helps :slight_smile:

Pm me details and Ill help i was looking for target practice anyway


After you cursed a target if you’re still feeling hostility tours them (feeling anything for them really) it means you haven’t expelled all you’re attention and desire for the end result of it. Which is important for most spells and critical for a curse, for some reason.

The method used doesn’t matter as much as long as the basic principles are understood and followed.

  • State you’re specific intention clearly.

  • Empty all you’re emotions for the target and the outcome (even if it means being in a five hour ritual, whatever it takes.)

  • Once the curse is performed, forget about the ritual and the target, don’t even speak their name and let the ritual do it’s thing.

Not doing any of those usually means you’re unknowingly self sabotaging the whole thing.