Cursing indirect target

Hi, I’m thinking of doing a jar/mirror box on a person or a group of people (don’t have the skill to do more yet). My concern is, let’s say my target is “my daughter’s ex” or “Leonardo DiCaprio haters”, as an example. If I write that down as the target, I’m concerned that “my daughter” or “Leonardo DiCaprio” may be affected by the jar as well. Does anyone have advice on this?

You don’t want to write “ my daughters ex “ because she may have more than one and you have to think future. I’m not quite sure how you would do that with the mirror box or jar.

Petitioning a demon however, you can state “ my daughters ex who…” and specifically state no harm come to my daughter


I think intention plays a pretty big role here. I agree with @AradiaX that you cant just say “my daughters ex” because that could be multiple people over time. So if you’re really trying to focus on getting after one person you’re gonna need at least a name and to know what his face looks like.
As far as “would leonardo get hurt” I don’t think so since that was not part of the original intention. That being said, you have to really make your intention clear. Write it down on a piece of paper, meditate on it for a while before setting it into your jar. In needs to have time to marinate before it is able to properly manifest.
And by a while I mean like a week prior, not hours.


If it is one person you’ll want at least their name or faces as stated above, if it is a group you’ll need all their names or faces, some kind of link to establish a target. Otherwise its like launching motor shells in the dark. You may hit them but there will be collateral damage.

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