Cursing hard drug manufacturers

I thinking about Cursing hard drug manufacturers, the ones that manufacture, cocaine, speed, Heroin, ice, crystal meth buy controlling sewer rats, to infest the hard drug manufacturers, using a black mirror i have made, to searching for a highly contaminated sewer rats at a massive scale with a bubonic plague like infection, by commanding plague rats to infest drug chemistry lab to contaminate all the drug chemists, and blinding all the drug manufacturers by making them dumb enough to not to recognize, there is plagues of rats, to infect there chemistry labs to create new strands of bubonic plague as a extra ingredient through the power of Nergal, of plagues and pestilence to ruin drug dealers business and lives, i have done it to Australian farmers in my younger years by commanding plagues of rats to infest wheat silos.

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Why would you want that? You aren’t going to stop the manufacturing of narcotics…

It’s like careying buckets of water to the ocean… Just stay away from all that crap and live a happy life. People who made the choice to be a druggie/addict made it so you can do nothing about it.

I’ve lost my best friend to cocaine… There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s his fucking life. I chose to stay away from it.


Why even bother with it?
Some of these things have its uses, If you dont like em fine then dont have anything to do with it.
Condeming some substances and wanting to ”ban” others thats thats a little of you wanna legalise weed but that ruins lifes aswell.
Drugs aint the problem, the problem is abuse and that takes many forms If anything try getting rid of that…
I believe these have been said in earlier threads aswell, people must have the right to use substance its their own choice and who are you to decide whats right or wrong for them.
Clearly you want your weed and by your descriptions in your threads i would say you are addicted aswell, mind you i have nothing against weed but my problem is with addiction that takes power over ppl.
I have used weed some times but never letting it get a hold of me for the simple reason not to be addicted to it and other drugs i havent even tried but like many ofc i have woundered what it would be like.
Your beef with drugs i cant see it being about peoples addiction or the problems they cause society it seems more to be abouth the criminals that provided them and not for despice for the criminal activity in itself but the fact you couldnt get weed from them.

So i propose that you step away from this idea, hey seeing as you wanna legalise weed Why dont work to legalise all drugs in the world that will stop the criminals you said in the ”legalise weed” thread so do one work insted of two.


Okay you’re Not thinking this through at all.
A new strain of Plague??
Did you pay attention in history? This would be disastrous to everyone not just your chosen to hate. There are way too many anti vaxxers out there with no immune systems. It will also spread to vaccinated as well since I don’t believe we have a reason to even vaccinate for that anymore.
Using such an uncontrollable force is a very bad idea.



Also please be adviced, the colombian drug cartels have demons who will protect their assets, drug trafficking and all of their money and empires.

Don’t ever try to curse them, it could really really have a serious potential for backfiring. :wink:

Just stay away from it. You aren’t the only one who uses black magick or protection from the gods!


I don’t know, seems like a reasonable target for practice as any, why not? You could always do a divination to find out their protections first.

Not sure why the rats would work though - I see how having them eat grain to ruin a farmer’s harvest would, but what would the rats want in a lab anyway? And the task of inventing a plague that can be carried by rats, somehow can leap to humans, and be fatal to them fast enough so that it doesn’t escape into the population at large… this is a whole other thing.

I recommend downloading Plague Inc. on your phone, it’s fun, and you’ll see how intricate the relationships between vectors, infectiousness and fatality can get. It’s very interesting. :smile: You play the virus, but it’s surprisingly hard to win.


The cartels openly use magic to protect their shit.

Wait, you know what, go for it. I’ll make the popcorn.


Sounds like a plan. Butter please!

OP didn’t say “cartels” though? Based on “hard drug manufacturers” he could go after anybody, maybe starting with the people making meth in a basement two city blocks away. Baby steps! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seriously I’m going to say this one more time. Drug use is an individual’s choice. I like drugs and I’ve manufactured my own before. Mind your own business dude. You will fail because many drug cartels have magickal protection. So good luck.


Traditionally hard narcotics were used to aid spiritual rituals and to engage in some spiritual activities. To curse them is to remove access to certain substances used in certain spiritual practices such as shamanism. While, I myself, I do not take drugs but there are substance useful to some people’s spiritual experience… Overall, trying to shut down the operations is foolish, you are unsure who to curse, it will likely cause mass harm and likely cause people to be unable to take drugs they need to enter trances… So please put some thought into your actions.
-Lady Sangress, Bearer of forbidden knowledge


Ill home in to bring down there magical defense system, then use magical steath to wipe them out like a Black magic assassin, i will feel like the last action hero, burn there operation to the ground.

Why not take it a step further and focus on the suppliers of the components/ingredients needed to manufacture said substances? You know the manufacturers are just performing the labor for the puppet masters. Knock out the manufacturers and their facilities and ten more will be ready to take their place for the right price.

I’m sorry, i’m not a fan of your idea ether.
Look, for example Morphin has been the main painkiller over thousends of years.
The chemically produced painkillers of today still somewhat belong to the studies from all these centuries.
Ever head a hedache?
Well, to bad, aspirine isn’t around when you have your next one.
Ever had tooth pain?
Well, you could onle remove those teeth, - goofy style!
Someone in family with cancer?
or Depression?
or Diabetes?


Drug dealer don’t just destroy lifes,
yes, they can do so.
But they also save countless lifes,
at points where there wouldn’t have been any doctor willing to treat them for their need.

Some of the Sorcerers, Musicians, Inventors, wouldn’t have been around to develope what is considered a normal gimmic in your daily life now.

  • i guess i must make it more clear:
    I think the idea of killing anyone involved with heavy drugs comes similar to a bible flood.
    Or middle age pest - as you prefer to read it.
    Plus, demons to this day teach the correct usage, and control over those substances,
    as they know safety mesures for when it helps to heal and when it becomes a weapon.

May i ask what circumstances made you so angry / worried about the Drug issues going on in our world?
Was there someone taking advantage of you or a family member?
Or have you whitnessed someone being destroyed by it?




the people who manufacture cocaine are poor colombians who have little else to do to sustain their families
your solution isn’t gonna save them from poverty
and as someone who occasionally do cocaine I want you to leave our drugs alone :skull:



I used to do cocaine aswell along with other substances. I used to party alot during my 18-24s years. I have discovered that it seriously harms your aura and it negatively effects your psychic abilities. I have succubus companions and when I did XTC or amphetamines/ cocaine my connections was gone, couldn’t feel them anymore and my mind was numbed / emotions were gone. It is a serious problem in the long run and that’s why I have decided to give it up all together.

I’m also a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and I did drugs to numb myself from my environment and to numb the emotional pain I had. That was a bad idea. I also have a high potential for addiction which is a feature of highly sensitive persons.

  • No recreational drugs ever again for me. (This is important for my own spiritual development otherwise I can’t ascend. Doing drugs is a very low vibrational activity and attracts very low vibrational nasty beings from the astral world)

  • No smoking (no cigarettes, no weed) It also doesn’t get you anywhere

  • No excessive amounts of alcohol, I used to drink only to get fucked up. I’d drink half a bottle of whiskey to go to the club etc with friends. So now only 1-2 maximum. A beer or a good glass of wine.

These are my life choices and I have asked Lucifer to help me with my party cravings to control it. It goes very well.


I never really pay attention to my aura during using drugs. Guess I should. Its just hard for me to quit smoking/drugs idk why.

Anyway Im glad you’re doing great without drugs, im sure it was hard

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The odds are against you i would say seeing as they have their protection and surely by far more ppl then you can assemble so their strenght will be greater.

As i said earlier you use drugs yourself so you are in no position to judge what drugs should be allowed and not.

Why not legalise it all is my question to you?

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Thank you, great you shared your insight there.
Overcoming the substance is an importend step,
aswell as being aware of how it altered you and what it helped you to uncover.
Glad you achieved that!



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The discovery of the paranormal world and my studies and future career have had so much influence to just quit and stay away from it. I’ve damaged my brain quite significantly with years of partying.

I hit the wall and if I don’t quit I won’t make it in university… I have a very heavy undergraduate program (Mechanical Engineering) and this is literally my future and the security of a job and a decent home.

My memory and learning abilities were getting destroyed so that was my support to really quit it.

You have to understand how your dopamine reward system works. Sex, good food, drugs, smoking, drinking all evelate dopamine levels. Drugs and other articical substances which aren’t natural to the body elevate it to absurdly high levels. After every high comes a big low!

If you want to break the vicious circle you have to quit and ride out the cravings and depression. Look for natural things that give pleasure.

Eating healthy, doing sports, having sex with a loving partner, raise dopamine in a good way.

Cocaine and other drugs creep up on you. You form habits and before you know you’re actually snorting cocaine from your own kitchen table just like you would make a sandwich. :joy:
And it just gets shittier and shittier after that.

That juice ain’t worth the squeeze man.

Hard drugs hijack your dopamine system and will fuck you up badly in the long run. I have learnt and still learning to deal with my emotions and meditating.

I meditate daily, and I my succubus companions and Lucifer and other gods are waiting for me to come to the astral world. If I keep doing drugs i’m only sabotaging myself.

I’ve had my fair share of partying, clubbing, getting fucked up and depressed. Been there, done that. Not anymore for me. My spiritual path and career as an engineer is way more important.

Also the hardest thing was ditching all my friends and social life who kept partying and doing drugs. I completely isolated myself and now i’m on my path to become a black magician. I have no friends left, and no social life. But i’m a lone wolf and i’m not bothered with it anymore.

If you want to talk to me in private you can always PM me. Good luck! To everbody who tries to quit. You can do it!



Thank you for your kind words :smiley: I really appreciate that! And i’m here if anyone needs help with these matters. :smiley:

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