Cursing creepypastas or URLs

So I heard of an interesting idea from another person into the occult. There are a lot of creepypastas and YouTube videos that say they’re “cursed” but we all know that they’re creepypastas or are just for horror. But, would there be a way to curse the URL that a creepypasta or “cursed” YT videos are on? What about cursing a specific URL in general? Perhaps the curse could get energy to keep itself going by every computer that displays the page (or YouTube video) of the cursed URL or from the person or people looking at it (if this is how curses work at all, this is how they worded this idea).

Would this be probable, and if so, how would it be done? I know how the process is done against a person, but what about something like this? I don’t think I could make a clay figure of a website’s URL, and it’s not the site that I want to hurt, it’s basically making the URL a cursed object like some alleged cursed objects that brought misfortune or doom to those who possess it.


Make a thoughtform-> attach to something like this ->program to feed of both fear and annoyance-> have the created entity attack the person reading the chain letter once it gets powerful enough to manifest physical results or enter other people’s dreams (depending on whether you want to kill or scare the crap out of a random unlucky normie) That’s probably how I’d go about trying this if I had any motivation to do so. Could probably be targeted by sending the letter to the victims email at the right time

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Sounds like a meme.