Cursing another witch? Would love some help and advise

Hello everyone I hope you’re all safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

I’m looking to curse another ‘witch’ and would want too know the precautions and some advice as I’ve never cursed anyone before. The victim is a ‘witch’ per-se but she is wiccan and her understanding of magic seems very superficial at best. She owns wiccan books and stones and these seem to be her only tools. Knowing my victim I think she has a very basic understanding of Wiccan witchcraft and I doubt she knows about anything much deeper, but I can’t be 100% sure.

I am also a begginer but I’ve researched a lot about witchcraft over the last year or so and all of my spells and evokations so far have been successful, taking my time and such. I’m not the type to fall for ‘three way karma’ shit and whatever wafty magically ‘feel good’ shit she has in her wiccan cookbooks.

She also doesn’t seem the type too commit to the craft 100% and does it more for the ‘look’. But I still don’t know if I will need added protection.

I don’t want to harm her in a deadly fashion but get her evicted from her university or something that will make her pay for what she has done too a dear friend. I don’t own any fetish items, but photographs of her are plentiful.

I would love to hear your guys advice. Thank you so much.


Divination and shielding are the precautions you should take.


Of you think it’s valid, you could ask a spirit to intervene, perhaps in both sides. The first is to do what you want done. The second would be to assist in your protection.

When I’m about to do a handful working, I redo my protections, petition some assistance (If desired), and fire it off. If I suspect the other person may have some ability, I seek out additional and/or protection prior to firing it off.

This implies you have relationships with entities. If not, but your cause it just, you could find one agreeable to the situation and petition them for additional help.


A history, i was blame for a new age store fail bussines almost gone the guys were pagan wicca and some voodo mix, im inocent tey decide yo curse me not only the full store but hire another peopls to do tat. Tink if u can handle tat she may have back up i was sent a huge elephant spirt. Not i dnt see it but i hear the sound and weight of it. I got back to bussines, my ex was in middle, tey hire a new guy who do cementary work. And lamps, well tey hear tat is easy4 me and knw a few kinds of magick and not ready to die easy. I got pictures of building their peopls tey stop. My point she maybe a wicca. But how u knw she buy that curse u enemy hoodo book. Or voodo book or is reading here. Yes go agead but have good back up in case.


You never know what goes on behind closed doors. It is my type to never magically attack another praitioner, ever. What has she done to you to deserve a curse?


Sorry for the late reply. She raped my best friend with her boyfriend while my best friend was drunk. She pretty much gotten away with it and knows exactly what’s she’s done. I wouldn’t just curse anyone but I completely understand your point of view.

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