Cursing and binding stalker groups

When identities are not known? Don’t really care to get them dead unless they wished or intended my death. Don’t care how gruesome the binding and curse can get.


Do a blind evocation @Fuego
Something like:

" I bind you, forces that are nameless and are stalking me…"
You get the idea


Right on, thanks.


Newbie question from me: How do I bind a group of people?

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Exactly as Micah’s statement.

What is an blind evocation?

Take a used candle that you don’t need, and a piece of twine or wire, and your dagger.
Focus on the intent to bind, and carefully carve a groove around one end of the candle.
Set dagger aside.
Wrap wire/twine around the groove while repeating the incantation a couple of times, and knot it one to four times (fourth is Belial’s on a cord of nine, and he specializes in curses).
Say proudly it is done!
Toss candle in a box or drawer so you don’t be reminded of it. Keep it somewhere should at some point you need to unbind it.


On top of that, it could Also be locked in a lead or steel box once bound.

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