Cursing an event rather than a person

Ha xD
Maybe we should curse hot topic.

[quote=“Euoi, post:21, topic:1958”]Ha xD
Maybe we should curse hot topic.[/quote]

How would we be able to tell if it was working?

All the scene emo whatever would cry. More than usual. And post sad stuff on the tweeter.

Or everyone would get cheerful and happy, they would stop playing their godawful music and talking about how life sucks…You know on second though…I am down, lets curse a Hot Topic.

How about the franchise? We could do the franchise.

We could send Flauros. Let him do what the goths did to the hot topic in south park. Burn it.

Can we burn the franchise? Can we literally curse a business, an idea? We’re moving into rather theoretical territory. This is good.

Yes, that’s a good way to attract that worthy opponent your itching to fight though.

The use of “though” implies I didn’t want that to happen.

[quote=“dellamage, post:9, topic:1958”]We have olympics winter olympcis in the next year. Have any of you thought about putting a spell to make to opening ceremony a total disaster? :smiley:
I mean, bad weather, lack of electricity, water etc. I am not thinking about harming any people, but just all the technical stuff to be shut down :smiley:

This would be crazy :)[/quote]
HAY if your speaking about sochi well the opening ceremony fucked up big time, as you may know one of the rings did not open LOL

Oh wait so it actually worked?


The Joy of Satan had a note that “To attack one’s home is the same as attacking the person himself.” And they say that when working with the 4 elements to attack someone, “A lump of earth clenched in the fist carries a message of intent”, even soil trodden underfoot". “Water and fire create steam. Water and air create decay, rot, to destroy a building’s foundation.” (The quote may not be exact).
They talk in their Satanic Witchcraft of creating Elemental Thoughtforms, and Fire Elemental Thoughtforms, how to program them, and what to do with them. And the info. is all FREE.
They say that to direct excess Air element into an ‘Air’ person will cause Irratibility, insanity, and collapse of the nervous system. To direct excess Fire element into a ‘Fire’ person (type A personality), will cause discomfort, rage, and in higher amounts, death. To direct excess Earth element into an ‘Earth’ person will hinder and slow down to where example, the heart stops beating. To direct excess Water element into a ‘Water’ person will cause chills, depression, and illness.
AND, if you have demons you work with, or specific elementals, like Gnomes (earth element), Sylphs (air element), Undines (water element), and Salamanders (fire element), they can help to send the curse, blessing, message, etc.
Anyway, these are some possibilities.