Cursing a rude customer

I won’t go into detail about the specific interaction I had with this bitch. All I’m gonna say is that I have Extreme amount of patience and this bitch short fused it. Even my manager too. I’m so pissed I want to Curse this bitch. The problem I’m having is that I don’t know her name and I have only a vague image of what she looks like in my head. How can I overcome the problem of not knowing your name or her face? Can I talk to spirits and we play the interaction in my head and then that spirit can track the bitch down? Is that possible? Or will I have to do it some other way ?


I have done this exact thing before. Once you realize that you don’t need a name to find someone’s energy, you will be liberated my friend

Non-corporeal entities are often better at finding energy this way, so for the first time, i do recommend asking one for help



Pictures and names help you to connect to someone’s energy.

But you already have a picture… in your mind, that serves as a conduit. Find her energy through your memories, and try and show that energy to the spirit in question.

And [quote=“Anastasiya, post:2, topic:16759”]
i do recommend asking one for help

Very good advice.

P.S You don’t even need to remember how she looks like. Just the memory of her energy can be enough, with practice.


I work in retail and I must say, I have met plenty of people like this. God damnit, what happened to people nowadays.

Which entities are non-corporeal? Are they different than other entities? Is there a grimoire of such? I’d like some details into the curse, so finding such will help.

Oh dear, no. Corporeal entities are entities that have a body you can touch. A cat, a fish, a plant, yourself, things like that.

Non-corporeal entities are the entities that do NOT have a body you can touch. No corpus.

Its a delineation between entities most people see and interact with every day and the entities that can be interacted with through special circumstances, such as evocation

My friend, how do I contact a non-corporeal entity to curse this bitch?

Evocation. Pick one and go for it. Search up entities that help with revenge and cutting down to size, and evoke one or two

Psychic Abilities and Magick go hand in hand. You could pull cards or runes of divination on individual, or you could just cut straight to the chase and use direct psychic ability. There are many different ways to connect and divine things, but at the source it all uses the same ability for the most part. There is no other way unless you can go the Low-Tech way which is directly find out who it is like ask your Manager?

Maybe I shouldn’t be asking this, but it just doesn’t seem to make sense the nature of your work… how could you be Upset at someone you’ve never met in your life? If you are doing BUSINESS with a customer, then someone has to know the customer, so you would go to them to figure out who it is. Low-Tech hacking… other than that its up to you to use Magick and Psychic Ability.

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