Cursing a Resistant Target

Depending on the situation it is possible the resistance may be of an internal nature rather than something they are doing. While consciously you may be aiming to curse a target your unconscious could be preventing it. Just one of the many possibilities to consider if nothing points to the target having protections of their own.


What’s been working for me (so far) is being more stubborn than the target.

They can’t resist being cursed if you make your will stronger than theirs.


I’ve noticed that the vulnerable times are when they’re distracted, procrastination or when they’re are fully immersed in something.


Have trow over 10 spells in pwopls but nothing big, its ok. Bcse im step up attaks. I dnt want the proctecion off, until nxt weeks then i will see .but you will see their faces mad, sad, anger health. Their skin color, etc but its a game, and we hhave knwlge here, and keep it up guys,

This has never happened to me before. I was able to astral travel by setting my intention to do it, it has always happened randomly before, but I was able to see my target and what they were doing. I think i know when best to do ritual, and what their weakness is. Weird.

I usually layer workings to build to the actual curse, starting with a simple domination spell involving writing their name multiple times, taking a letter away with each repetition (as if I am removing a piece of them) before writing my own name over each one. I then proceed with feeding off of them, usually focusing on organs. Third, I will banish aiding spirits, as I have made my enemy my territory essentially. Finally, go with the actual curse.

Needless to say, I have to really, really have a problem with an individual to go through with a curse due to the amount of work I put into it.


Oh I hear you, I don’t enjoy cursing because it does take so much dedication and work energy and supplies. But thanks that’s very similar to something I was planning on doing. :grin:

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layer the curse. repeat curses every so often. Use a machine gun rather than a pistol. =o) Also it’s, wise to cast curse to break down their defenses of any magickal protection first. Then there is the magnify your spell so it’s more powerful. Keep at it. No one is 24/7 protected unless they are doing everyday sword banishing spells like me. lol.

depending on process you use. some curse don’t require props or supplies/materials. some can be fast like less then 10 mins.

As an analogy. Just like self cultivation practices of tai chi. It’s better to do them 3-5 times a week for half hr then one time a week of few hrs. More frequent is better for conditioning and training oneself.

And u got some times right now cuz of lockdown. =o)

Sometimes you want the slow torture not the one kill shot. lol

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I feel like lust spells take more energy than curses

Sword banishing rituals can protect against minor issues and some curses of course but they cant prevent some major hits … and there are some people who are 24/7 protected just imagine a person who have legions of demons just for protections, not servitors but real demons its not easily to penetrate a person like that…

yes this is true and there is plenty of ways to curse such people but i prefer to use a justice spell over such situation if a person harmed you… you can do a justice spell for the spirits to rule and you can ask then to hit your enemy in threefold than they wanted to harm you… unless you just want to harm people for fun

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Isn’t that lusting for results?

no. it’s not lusting. It’s being persistent and practical. layering is covering all bases of attack. You have one demon to work on defense, one demon for attack, one demon to weakend person. etc… It takes many blows to knock someone down. Not everyone can do a knock out like mike tyson.

Repeating curse is just practice. Practicing your spell casting so that it’s more powerful. No one can learn to cast by doing it once. Each time it teaches you to have better skill of will, concentration, focus. etc…

There’s a difference to adding to your curse vs. doubting your curse so you keep casting. In this case, you believe in your first curse but your adding more to it to make it more powerful or ongoing.

Lusting is when you think of it 24/7 and whining about it, or doubting it that many do here. Being active and determined is not the same as lusting.

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Would never harm people for fun, I am an ethical person. I believe the curse must be truly deserved, I don’t rush into them.

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it’s not lusting cuz you plan the frequency and time schedule. Like once a week or once a month or when you feel the need to cast.

Lusting is when you do it emotionally not in practical manner or in logically manner. It’s emotion base where you have no control and must cast that very moment.

You can sense lusting. For example. Many newbie joins this forum and whines about their issue. i want ex to come back. they post many post about same thing just different wording. will this spell get my ex back? i cast the spell. is it working? could you contact this demon to check if my spell is working? should i cast it again? tonite? in a few hrs? what about this spell? i just casted it and i don’t see them suffering. should i cast again? With lusting there is a sense of desperateness in the person’s emotion or desire. Persistence is choosing to cast rather then i need to cast to get my result.
Now that is lusting.

Obsession is when you have no control. Some things can be done the mundane way but they obsess to use magick quick fix way. That’s lusting. Most relationship issue can be solve by just communicating in person. especially ones like getting person to call you. isn’t it easier to call them? same result. Or ask them out instead of magick to get them to ask u out. People are closed off to other ideas or other ways to get same result when they are lusting/obsessing.

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That makes you an awesome human.

u invest the 10 mins of casting and that’s it. you don’t put more emotion in it after the spell. u let it do it’s thing… time management.

easier said than done cuz most people can’t manage emotions. they let it spill to all areas of life. u see it all the time. people can’t leave their drama at home. they bring it to work.

not obsessive. obsessive is when you out of control. Obsessive is when you can’t do anything else but that one focus of cursing. It over rides your everyday living. Like gambling addiction where you bet your home rent /grocery money. That’s obsessive . when it affect other areas of your life in a bad way. or do u meant to use the word. ‘too much casting’…

U have other spells too so it’s not just one goal. maybe to better life or improve magick powers or psychic ability or for protection. etc…

Well thanks. :blush:

I don’t understand the disagreement over re- casting when the topic was resistant targets, sometimes one casting if- the proper energy and intention is put into the ritual is enough, but there are, like I said, some fuck tards that require multiple magickal attacks. I was only looking for other opinions and advice. I agree with most of you. Sometimes getting advice from others is very helpful, because you might need to change your methods and adjust the attack and one of he best things I’ve heard so far on this thread is that your will has to be stronger than your targets will, but it is true that sometimes you do have to cast more than once, find weaknesses, do it at different times when a person’s guard is down the most, etc…But thanks guys for your replies, they confirmed some things for me, and I’m so happy that I’m getting noticeable results now by using some of these methods. I don’t enjoy cursing, but- when someone truly crosses a line with you, or someone close to you, the flying monkeys will be released, and it’s on.

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thats very wise

i think eldergods is a bit confuse. i’m getting the message that what he meant is to not cast the same spell multiple times rather then referring to different spells. You can curse someone with many spells. one for breaking up with partner, for hate/discord between them, for lost income, for bad luck accidents , for entity haunting them etc… Or you can cast the same spell over and over. I think he is refering to the same spell over and over method.