Cursing a really horrible person, if you need the practice (warning, this is bad)

Hey all,
I’ve been busy with mundane stuff and planning for the solstice, so I haven’t gotten to do everything magickal I might want to do. But there’s a news story dominating my local area that sickens me every time it’s mentioned, so I figured I would explain it then let one of you have the honor of cursing him.

This dude is a 25 year old poor excuse of a human being who first raped, then killed his 8 month old baby and is now sitting in a jail cell waiting for trial.

Yes, you read that right. He’s the embodiment of evil in my book.

Who we should remember is the little angel who’s life he took too soon.

So I’ll get to the point: does anyone want to ruin this sick fuck’s life? Or even take it? I would but my schedule’s full.


Just my opinion but since the world is full of sick individuals, I’m not sure if this is the right forum to handpick and expose them.


You might want to remove the names involved and only disclose that in pm. Named targets violate the rules here


not allowed to edit it at the moment but will… I kind of didn’t see the point as he’s been plastered all over the news, but if it’s against TOS…


I don’t do it with every sick person I hear of, just the particularly bad ones. And this guy lives in my area, which gives it that extra layer of gross. Idk, I feel complacent if I don’t do something. Blame it on my social worker side.


He does seem particularly bad.


Yes, sorry, explained in the rules: BALG RULES - Please read them!

Good luck getting the pos.


You can’t run away from your reputation, womb wizard.

Lmao :joy::joy::joy: @klickc


Welcome @klickc. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.


I believe it’s against the TOS to go into a thread and attack the OP?

also pretty sure this guy ONLY joined the forum to troll me, that’s gotta be against the rules, too

I’m gonna dig around today. I petitioned a spirit notorious for punishing abusers of women and a couple months later the girl I was getting revenge for sent me a screen shot of him complaining about his health and immune system failing and he has been denied by every university who shown interest. I’ll try to find this spirits name. But my old phone went johnny blaze and I lost 2 years of occult research

This was a guy who used magic to control women. I can only imagine what shed do to a murderer of a little girl

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Id go through my post “being attacked by a sorcerer” the story is a little scewed as I found more information and never updated on the situation. But i believe someone posted thr spirits name on there.

I dropped them a PM to see what they have to say, trolling and derailment of working topics is indeed against the rules. :thinking:

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A stalker from real life? That’s wild.