Cursing a house?

Lets just say that the house brings memories of deceit, mental torture and pain and I want to destroy or immensely curse it. Any advice here?

Try any spirit

Dependes, if want to get rid it sell. If its you neigbor use eggs whit seals of demons pwders. And 3 hearts of birds or animals whit you peticion. And bury in norwest corner, but eggs must be fresh. U not say who belongs. Or even if want to buyit.

Spell: Black candle, black arts oil and incense. Waning moon. Begin on Tuesday at Mars hour, end on Saturday on Saturn hour.
I curse this home, I curse it all
I curse it’s floors, I curse it’s walls
I curse the windows, I curse it’s doors,
I curse the ceiling, may this home be cursed forevermore. May its
Windows shatter, and mirrors break
Snap the beams, let the foundation shake,
Salt the loam, curse the fence, curse each tree
Mighty( name of deity) hear this plea, do what it is I ask of thee,
As I will it, thus it shall ever be.