Curses to put on My Mother-In-Law

Any ideas? She’s the kind of person where even her husband calls her a bitch. Recently she offered me $10 to clean my bfs room and got mad when I said no. She tried threatening me saying I couldn’t come back over and I said I don’t live there so get df over it. Now she’s acting like some kind of victim and I just want to show her what being a victim really means.

Stuff like this isn’t a one time thing…there’s a reason her husband wants a divorce.

Any ideas?

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If she’s that bad on her own a mirror box could be fun. If she’s not well then I avail your to use the search function, there’s a ton of topics on revenge and cursing.

I literally just said she won’t allow me over rn. how can I do it on her mirror xD and ty

Sighs. Search mirror box spell in google, it no way shape or form involves HER mirror.

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I never l claimed to know everything, you don’t have to be like that >.>

I see why the mom doesnt like you. Keteriya was trying to help you and you were nothing but rude to her twice.


I have to agree those responses were rude. Someone was just trying to help as asked.

As for OP. They are right there’s all kinds of things about cursing here. Search and you can be amazed.


@Nephenthe @Darkprincess

…o_0 I genuinely do not understand how I was rude but ok and ty

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Well perhaps it wasnt thenintention but your first reply suggest you didnt even look into the suggestion that was given you jumper tomte conclusion you needed acces to her mirror so basicly you questioned the respons that was given before Looking into it.

And for the next replay it basicly sounds like whining on the simple fact that you didnt know what @anon97554939 was talking about and you said not to be like that.

Is it a big deal? Not really and all ppl here on the forum is really helpfull but it comes with one condition ”Use the search function”.
Ppl do post entire spells and curses but we try not to post same thing over and over.

I do hope that you dont find us all on high horder or something but respect for eachother on this forum is important even ppl who disaggree with each other here can show respect and act civiliced towards oneanother.

I do hope you find a nice solution to your problem, try out the suggestion that was given and tell us of the results you get.


My mother was exactly like this - look up the signs of narcissism, sounds like she had more than her fair share. The blame/victim game is classic.

The best strategy is to stay as far away from her as possible. You can’t beat her at her own game - she doesn’t think like you, you are just an object to her and she’ll do things you’d never expect, including lying to break up the friendship between you and your father, friends, anyone to isolate and discredit you.

Don’t tell her you know what she is to her face, she can and will attack you, behind your back to turn everyone against you - go “grey rock”.

Magickally - go harder than you’d think - a lot of people find narcs have natural protections. I’d go full death curse myself. It might not kill her (and if it does… good?) and could well have the effect of cutting her out of your life well enough to tolerate her existence until you can become independent.

A mirror spell will be useless on a narc, don’t bother. They already know deep down they’re worthless (their feeling not necessarily yours) and have built up so many layers of lies about who they are, they only see what they want to see in a ‘mirror’. Mirror spells work to wake up decent people from being stupid. She’s not a decent person, she’s broken and there’s no fixing her.


Does your BF live in the room that she offered you 10 bucks to clean? If so I’d concentrate on magic that will make him move out of this house asap, and then I’ll think about this exquisite lady💩