Curses to cast at abuser you live with?

hey so i wont get into detail here, but i currently live with an abusive person that i would like to curse. The thing is, many curses ive seen involve the person the curse is cast at loosing their house, a loved one or similiar. Due to the fact i still live with that person (and cant move out at least the next 5 years) i need a curse that doesnt effect them financially or similiar. Does anyone have an idea what kinda curse i could cast ? (sorry if this a stupid question, but i would really like some help with this as i cant go on much longer in my current condition)

If you curse that person and lets say dies or gets seriously sick then you again lose the financial support you need.
Instead of cursing, I’d work on mind manipulation in your place.


While the abuser sleeps, you can visualize draining their life force energy from their aura, or from a specific chakra.
Doing this enough to weaken them can cause them to have less energy to use against you and others. They will have to concentrate on survival, work, and such things.
You can also program their mind while they sleep, creating thought forms that will speak to their subconscious mind while they sleep, turning them into a nicer person and doing what you want them to do


You’ll want to tread lightly here. Anything you do to this person YOU will have to deal with. Everything is going to affect you directly. Best bet is to first protect yourself with wards and familiars. Then really get creative and look at ALL angles.

Might not be what you want to hear but have you considered healing this person and petitioning on their behalf? Not for them but for you. Even though you may not want to this would fall under the , “ sometimes you have to get your hands dirty and do what you need to do,” category.

When you’re free of living with this person then let it rip. :smiling_imp:


Sorry to hear about your situation.

If you’re open to working with arch angels, Damon Brand’s Archangels of Magick has several ideas:

Michael - weaken one who bullies you, create barrier against anger
Metatron- understand how Magick may help a situation
Uriel - weather a storm
Sandalphon- gain perspective in a difficult situation



Use the assistance of a demon.