Curses in exchange for other magick services


thanks for the advice mate. snitching aint the way tho :kissing_heart:


I messaged you. I never did magick for someone else but would love to trade advice because you seem knowledgeable about curses and I need a good one, specifically designed to end a relationship.


Dude, you’ve been here barely two months, and if you think flagging is “snitching,” then you have learned nothing about this forum. We practice community moderation, and it is the responsibility of everyone to make sure the rules set out by the forum creators are followed.

I could have easily flagged this thread anonymously and you would never have known, but instead I was polite and pointed out that you may be in breach of the rules and had been flagged, so don’t give me the attitude.


Wouldnt this fall more under the same category as exchanging scans, as long as nothing material changes hands? Hmmm…rhyme…a bad one


i have reason to be frustrated in general right now. angry even, so i am putting it into a productive outlet


I will complete my services tommorow to all whom it may concern


The advice @DarkestKnight gave you means your thread is now permitted and is not just going to be removed, as would have happened if the title had reamined as it was.

There’s no concept of “snitching” on here, this isn’t kindergarten, members are expected to be mature enough to moderate the forum amongst themselves to a large degree and take responsibility for keeping things running smoothly.

Obviously having a forum full of adverts would NOT accomplish this goal, and genuune exchanges etc would be drowned out by hucksters. Please bear this in mind if people try to steer you right in future. :+1:


I do too as it happens…


I just payed someone on Fiverr to curse the target. I don’t have time right now and don’t know where to start with cursing her strategically so she leaves my guy’s life.


Can you PM me?


Money does not matter.

Read the rules.


man thats fucked. we should be allowed to network and help eachother grow in power


You could get a private group going though.


this is hands down the best forum for practitioners but this decreases its potential alot. if someone wants something done for them they should have that opportunity because some services arent in the “ritual for hire” that people need and some people cant afford to pay hundred or thousands of dollars for what they may need


@Alita, @Lady_Eva has already approved this thread. If you read my posts above, it’s been sorted. As long as it remains exchange only, it is fine.


Sorry, I posted before I saw her post.
I was also just thinking if OP wanted another post like this in the future they should be allowed to make a private group.
I don’t believe that would go against any rules?


I would Love your help!!!


Can you please PM me?


I can do this. I will exchange services in exchange for a curse