Curses/Hexes on Newborns?

The power of thought programmed into symbols the transfer of gifts spiritual etc are a transfer of consciousness and power… There is a language unspeakable that when added to the spoken become the word the first word

The ‘mind’ is as the black pyramid set between the rose and the daily consciousness - it is impenetrable and is as religion that keeps a person separate from the source… At least it was true for me… And there is no human sentimentality attached to this source of loving consciousness… But it is more than love and cannot be approached by structured thought of the logic that built the pyramid to hous the rose to keep it from the reach of ‘mankind’

To reach this place you must feel the extent and powerful love within that is boundless… To no longer see this pyramid you must transcend your human identity for in this play of life the extent of the experience for many will be only a soiled sketch of the magnitude of awe and power that is the love vibration that when the intent does not resonate -one falls toward annihilation. I have typed enough.

EVANGELOS: this is way beyond my scope of comprehension, but I carefully read every word, and felt the utter sincerity of your conviction. Thank You.

MAXX: I agree, this is probably an excellent place to diverge from this thread. Having said that, I’m sure glad Evangelos returned to it one more time. He needed to express this, and we needed to receive it.

Love Both of You, Zoe

Here’s a somewhat related thought about the possible “Spiritual” aspects surrounding these kinds of lives …

Some years ago I was reading the “Seth Speaks” books. I recall in one book he broached the subject of extreme, intense and/or prolonged trauma causing the Soul to retreat - ‘pull back’ beyond the reach of the pain, and how the person was (unfortunately) unable to access the comfort of that part of themselves. I cannot remember more than this - or even which book it was (I only read 3 or 4).

Anybody got any thoughts or knowledge related to this idea? :wink: Z

Wow … I had a bloodline curse removed rather recently. IT was amazing and the weight that was lifted was something I cant put into words… But there is still much work thats needs to be done and this is only the leave of the sprig of sprig of acasia.

Happy for you, BLACKPHOENIX! Any degree of relief/release/expansion is welcome, yes? Both in terms of a better quality of Life AND the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made valuable progress in becoming the “You” you really crave to be… Congrats! :wink: Z

Yes it was done by Dante was one of 4 times in my life that changed everything.

Thanks for sharing your story Malice. Hope you an your family find the peace you seek.