Curses/Hexes on Newborns?

Does anybody know of a practice that “curses” unborn or newborn children; perhaps in connection with the Mother, as a generational type punishment?

EDIT fyi, I’m wondering if I’m witnessing the effects of such a curse, if indeed there is such a thing … I cannot think of any other origin for such extreme atrocities in this child’s life!

There are sections in the Christian Bible that speak of curses that come down through the 3rd and 4th generation in 4 or 5 locations.

In years past I did deal with some of this in exorcism and at the time I would see these spirits come out and off the person as i did it. In addition, the person would also feel this entity come out of them at the time I viewed it, so I know there is something to it.
Reports back to me from the person I dealt with would indicate 80% of the time that a big difference happened and things in their life changed. Most said that it felt like they lost part of themselves and it left and they felt really lighter…and not aware that was even there with them all the time before it took place.

One that comes to mind was a girl in her 20s that began to go into various contortions like a puppet over and over again. There was no way the normal human body could put themselves in those angles and then move it through the body just live a wave, over and over again. Also, she was not aware this was taking place and could not remember it happening. I did have two others in the room that witnessed the same thing and they were trying to run out the door as it very much frightened them.

Maybe I did not directly answer your question but just gave you confirmation that such is viewed with credence.


I also just heard of two Reiki Masters that worked on one man that found in a previous life he had been tortured in middle ages and killed by some army…when finished he got up and appeared to have taken 15 years off his appearance. His problem was taken care of and it appeared by all indications that his life was changed by this method. Who knows.


Thankx Maxx, ALL feedback is welcome! And I absolutely know possession is a far more common occurance than people realize. Having said that …

In this arena, I’d say it would more closely identify with ‘oppression’ than possession. It seems the child is bound, and uprotected, put into an environment of extreme & continual abuse. No one notices and no one cares to notice. Almost like she’s invisible … meant only to serve the purposes of another …

I had a vivid dream, wherein she was bound with heavy rope and barely conscious, being guarded by a decidedly unpleasant man in black robes. He never moved or spoke, but there was no getting around him to rescue the girl. She appeared about 6 years old. Never had such a REAL & Personally-directed nightmare before or since. It was like a message and a warning …

All input welcome on this one. I still shudder! : ( Z

This one hits home with me Zoe. Gonna process this a bit and get back to you here.

That’s some question. Not to go in your business but for someone (anyone) who’d target a child to get to their parent had to really felt wronged in some way b/c that’s some hate; real hate. Ifyou feel this way, instead of asking about such a thing, why not look into all forms of protection for your child?

EDIT fyi, I’m wondering if I’m witnessing the effects of such a curse, if indeed there is such a thing … I cannot think of any other origin for such extreme atrocities in this child’s life!

Protections,such as they are, are in place, and do offer some relief. But what I’m looking to do is reverse the CAUSE of the problem, which by default requires me to understand the NATURE of the problem. Put another way, forever “managing the effects of” is endless & exhausting. Eliminating the ORIGIN brings true & lasting relief.

ALSO - Perhaps I was unclear regarding timeline: I believe the Mother was cursed while pregnant, and the child in her womb, being part of HER, received it by default. This is what I THINK must have occurred. Else, it might have been an "unto the 3rd generation’ or some such ridiculous wordage; like might occur as a result of a wrongful death or family feud.

I’m just gathering info until something ‘zings’ me “this is it”. I’ll not make a blind spell & wind up making matters worse! : Z

In some groups the infant is started on the programming before birth. Age 3 to 5 is another serious programming time. Trauma is inflicted constantly by a handler that knows the process from ancient eons past. This is a perfected art. Do you think the family is part of a family line of programmed multiples?


Was the mother herself subject to any kind of abuse or negativity? This could pass over to the child in birth as all damage whether physical or spiritual affects both mother and child during pregnancy. The hormones that create great emotional imbalances in pregnant women have been known to covertly pass on to the offspring as well.

@ Maxx & Kitari: The short answer to both questions is I don’t know. The child’s parents were killed in an auto accident shortly after birth. With no kin to claim her she entered the state welfare system, bounced from foster home to foster home a few months, and then was adopted by a couple who should never have been allowed to have children in their home (Some people are barren for a REASON!!!)

Either suggestion- or both, could be at play here. Thanks for your input guys! Keep ‘um comin’ folks. I’d love to be able to affect real change here, if at all possible. Zoe

In that case I could point out that the harsh life experienced by the child could be the cause as well. Such negative influences tend to cling to a person acting as a magnet for more negativity much in the same way a curse would.

Zoe, that last piece of info puts whole new light on it. Two things. I suggest that first a group of magicians get together to determine if the child will be allowed to be delivered and get the go ahead to do it. Then the GROUP get together to raise the power factor and get her delivered from the turmoil. I have found better results and stronger with using even just one partner in a common goal. Just think what a group could do with this once a single goal can be agreed upon.

This sounds like a central group that is expert at the entire control level (and has access to the state selection of appointment placing children in homes) may be involved. Only way to know for sure is through spiritual insight. Also, the child could have selected to come into this type of life. I do not know and this is speaking of reincarnation aspects…which may or may not be real. Many have different outlooks regarding this.



You are all of you really “showing the gold” of your Spirit here upon this topic, and I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been moved to tears over this outpouring of willingness to assist.

This topic is undoubtedly one that really hits close to the heart - especially for those of us who are parents themselves (and those who suffered as a child themselves). I think one or the other applies to just about everybody.

And now I’m relieved to tell you that a resolution looks like it may be on the horizon. One Mage in particular was so deeply moved - and has a unique combination of strong skills that apply to this - they contacted me personally.

We are conversing even now to bring this child blessed & welcome relief.

I share this because I want it to really sink in to all of you the depth & breadth of Mature Love that’s available right here in our own Magickal Family.

Thank you ALL so so much. I am truly humbled, and most appreciative.

Love, Zoe

Recent times have guided me to various new material that was traumatising just to read in regards to children and the process of making a person into a multiple… Yet in my mind I have sensed a kind of partitioning that I have taken upon myself a sense of duty to self rectify with help.

The scene painted with the robed man restricting access to the child is an example of what is programmed in and the trauma inflicted is done quite coldly to create a pain point like a button to press… Their is a lot of extreme abuse that ensues at critical ages to reinforce programming and using various methods…

the interesting thing to me was I could see with the earlier study I had been guided to regarding soul healing in particular core work that it is critical to heal the core… in a less than helpful way the soul is said to recreate trauma for a chance to heal but I understand it as it is helpless when such extreme trauma occurs and replays certain things certain events because it is stuck in a loop… However unless the healing occurs the wounding perpetuates and compounds lifetime after lifetime until serious damage occurs to the very souls core… Restorative work is possible and the only methods I know of involve soul travel and retrieving and healing aspects of consciousness and reintegrating these… Which when performed bring unparalleled healing and more importantly prevent repeat negative experiences…

There is a foul current running through our human/inhuman collective consciousness that must be made right… I hold a candle of hope that healing is brought to all that need this and freedom from unnecessary pain.

Blessings to all.


This you have said really, REALLY resonates, and I thank you for your obvious desire to become part of the solution. This issue is a global scourge.

I personally define “evil” as the wilfull destruction of a person’s Self-hood for purely selfish motives without ANY regard for said innocent Person. This includes all forms of bondage, subjugation & any forceful, invasive act that overrides an individual’s rightful claim to safety, security & self-esteem.

Clearly there is much work to be done here, for any Individual who feels motitivated to do so. I believe you are correct that this trauma inflicts wounds on a Soul level and even if one doesn’t “believe in” reincarnation, as such, wounds to the Soul in the current lifetime are no less devastating.

A person cannot live without their Soul, but merely exist. Reminds me of a story from the Native American tradition, wherein the elders of the tribe instigate a ritual they refer to as “Calling Your Spirit Back”, because, as they said to the wounded warrior, “A Man cannot live without his spirit.”

Again, thank you Evangelos, for your input. :wink: Z


I agree. From the beginning when I heard about this, I certainly was impressed with the mind programming. I am quite interested in certain aspects of this. Over the years I have seen some very strange things connected to this in person.

As I listened several times to an interview of E.A.'s I listened to one sentence he made that told me he is certainly familiar with the programming of the mind control element that is being used today…I always wondered whether he had been contacted to work for them or not…but that is for another subject and not for open discussion…but only for thinking about.


I have read somewhere that a some magicians court the state known as multiple personalities for spiritual/magickal purposes…

I am not a follower of chaos magick. But here is a quote about that from ‘Pop Magic’ by Grant Morrison:

“Magicians who have successfully “crossed” the Abyss are considered no longer human, in the sense that survival of this ordeal necessitates the breaking down of SELF into multiple personality complexes.”

The use of multiple personalities amongst bloodline cults may have to do with this in some way. What do you think? (And sorry for veering off topic. It is wonderful that Zoe has found good assistance in this matter!)

Sorry, but he knows nothing at all of what he is trying to speak of. He has nothing but speculation in that comment for his writing material. When I say I saw it first hand…not rumor or guess. I know it. My ex partner was a programmed multiple. Anyway, all this is not for comments here as it is way too revealing and will draw down fire…best to leave it alone. It is not what one talks about in the open.


I know it’s something I have seen in people… And in my healing practice when I think back I had a woman return to the shop in direct response to a thought I had… And analysed a picture I had drawn… They tried to kill her horrifically as I was told prior… But the one thing I know which makes this subject a private topic is that the programming is riddled with traps and the ‘bloodlines’ are or can be an evil ruthless aggressive bunch. The vivisection that Crowley writes about in his works regarding becoming an Ipsisimus does seem like a close fit to mpd but the method to get there is different… And yes I don’t think there is any more that could be said about it at all except that it is a nasty inhuman thing to do to a living being to affect its ability to self direct.

I agree with all of the above…

Ok to round out my own considerations and these are quite deep it goes like this…

Cultural programming - memes - roles etc are manufactured programs designed to fulfil a kind of function. Everyone has programming inherited from the group mind also the point being there is a partitioning that when removed through a kind of spiritual revelation or transformative experience can truly leave one in the sense as a baby perhaps as the Babe of the Abyss…

What life in this world of systems in the west requires is routines and a mental patterning to survive… Instincts alone here are important but not enough… So recreating some functional elements and even resuming a worldly consciousness after the event can be called the ‘Assumption of Man Forms’ as the Egyptian would assume a godform so must a being assume a man form once again to return to or remain in this world… And from one who has had their mind blown out in complete annihilation and truly lost touch the instinct to resume a structure and try and remember is critical… And just as a person has forgotten they are they divine and must remember this… So too must the divine remember what it was to be human and this is an extraordinarily deep conversation because we are shaking and moving the very pillars of conscious reality… Take from it what you will - this is of value only to those trying to remember and those who have crossed over and returned for another round in the same incarnation… This was to be the material for a book but only a glimpse… It’s not for everyone but at some time all will experience this