Curses and hexes


So if this is to debate the assertion:

In the sense that, if you can’t do magik you can’t do magik, well, sure, thanks Captain Obvious.

But as someone who started this path as a qi healer, I absolutely disagree.
By this argument, only a wiccan could undo a wiccan hex, or a Tibetan Buddhist a taoist curse, because you have to have been taught the exact technique used to curse, which isn’t true.This whole video seems to assume the only kind of magik is western LHP, which is just silly.

You don’t need to learn to curse, mess with spirits or travel the underworld or even be a witch to heal. You need to understand how humans can be damaged and what to do to affect the energy flows to align them so they can heal themselves.

On the other hand, and as qi healer you will find that you do learn on the job, as it were, how energy coming in from other people can be causing continual damage (that’s what a curse is, as I see it, energetically). You can see the patterns and you will either ask your teachers or guides or clairsentiently realise how to counteract them. In this sense, I already knew how to harm as a healer because I knew what patterns of harm looked like from healing them.

So, it’s not possible to know how to heal in a technical tradition like qi therapy without learning how to harm anyway. It might be possible in something dumbed down like laying on of hands or Reiki where you have no idea why it’s working or what or how something is being fixed unless your clairsentience tells you on the side.

It doesn’t really matter what current was used to create the pattern, what matters is that you can see it to affect it in whatever current you use.


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qi healer/qi therapy
Is this in any relation to Qigong?

Qi therapy is a healing modality based on the principles of qigong, yes.
Qi means energy, so qi therapy is energy therapy and is a healing form of energy working.

It’s becoming largely lost thanks to the persecution in China and deliberate destruction of books and jailing of teachers, and been dumbed down to only “TCM”, Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the only the surface level government-approved version. It’s as bad a loss for magik knowledge in the world as the burning of the library at Alexandria.


Thanks. I have a multitude of interests that being one among them. If you don’t mind I’ll being keeping in touch with you because I respect your opinions.

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