Cursed the neighbors

Today I did something new to me. I cursed our neighbors. I didn’t use a ritual or spell. I wasn’t in a trance state. I just pointed toward their house and said “i curse them with all of my Ill intentions”. 30 minutes later an ambulance came and took one of them away. They are those neighbors that lack any respect. They are loud needy and nosey. They are the kind of people that will get home at midnight and blow their horns. I have only every done one curse before this one but for some reason this one worked better. Idk what to say about it. Does anyone have an answer as to why this time may have worked better. Just looking for ideas


Because you were spontaneous and you didn’t think of manifesting your will in any way butbthe THEN and NOW.

That combined by your bursting emotions is a powerful mix. Spells and rituals hone your intent but sometimes simply WILLING things to manifest is enough


I was hoping they would move, not end up in the re. That being said if I can make things really uncomfortable for them maybe they will leave.

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Or you’ll just end up killing them all :joy::joy:


Maybe lol :joy:

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Here’s another way to look at it…

You didn’t do it. You followed your intuition to perform it, because due to your spiritual work, you have strong connection to the source within, the all seeing eye that sees all and knows all.

This source within you, gave you a signal to do that at this specific time, because it knew what was going to happen to those people.

You did it, and it happened. Now, the ego is watching… it needs to protect itself. So it directs your attention to what “you” did, and collects all reasons for you to believe that it was you who did it… you just need to understand how. From all reasons you will hear, one will be eventually accepted and the truth will be lost.

We are advised to do divination before spiritual work, especially spellcasting. Because we get to connect to that source. You did just that but unconsciously, and based on that you acted also unconsciously. Without thinking about it. You just got that feeling, and did it.

Not saying this is what happened… just a thought.

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That is entirely possible. The only other curse that I have done was on my father. He was abusive drunk. I was very conscious of that one and it did work just not as quickly as I wanted. Shortly after his health faded. He has since had pancreatitis 3 times and can’t drink anymore. He is diabetic. He has had both knees replaced. One of them 2 times and now he has cancer. That one I followed a ritual on.

Today was different. It was strictly instinct but I usually wouldn’t have done it that way so I don’t get it. Maybe you are right. Thank you for your post. It could be very accurate

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Here’s my 2 cents’ worth: You did it on your own. No help. All by yourself.

Congratulations! But be careful or you might do it again and again and end up an independent God. You might adopt the body posture of the rune Elhaz and call up the dark energies of Earth through your bare feet and then lower your always straight arms at their home and direct those energies - calling for pitiless destruction. Energies can also be called in and gathered from the night and its sky.

Your channelled emotions strengthened Your Will To Be!

You have made me feel good. That doesn’t happen all that often. Thanks for your sharing!



Great work! I’m glad you were successful. I agree with all responses, especially @Aluriel - sometimes when we think a spell/ritual out, we can get lost in the technique, the dogma. And there is a place for tradition, certainly.

But nothing can replace the force and magnitude of sheer emotion, willpower, the force of hatred—seems you tapped into those raw forces at the right time and sent those fates a-flyin’. Good for you and may those jackass neighbors not be long for your block…:raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3: