Cursed pdf books

I use some via docdroid, do other writers put curses as well if it’s free???

Greetings, i did a couple of curses with a couple of GOM pdf’s. And im pretty sure 1 of them has worked. Or somebody else did a curse on him and his curse worked lol.

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I’m pretty sure you cannot curse knowledge or processes. If your so afraid of the ebook. Just print it out to real paper or make your own sigil. this way you don’t refer to the ebook when doing magick. then the sigil no longer is connected to the ebook that was cursed.
I’m thinking from logical perspective. it makes no sense to curse an ebook that can be circulated to millions. what about the karma ramifications of those high numbers being cursed? that would mean that the author curse all those who come across an ebook. Wouldn’t that mean that the author harm all those people? i don’t think they would actually harm all those potential people. Most likely the warning is just a scare tactic to prevent wrong doings.

Just buy the book . they are worth it.


I recently been using Damon Brand books and they work amazingly for me.

Most recently I begun using Magickal Protection for a few days I have gotten disturbing dreams but I’m fine during the day and I feel it’s more of a cleansing I’m going through. I been seeing results despite my dreams.