Cursed object/help with freeing spirit

Hi, ive had a wwii nazi combat knife since i was little. My great grandpa gave it to me as a gift when i was younger, he fought in the war.

Fast forward to now, i now realize why ive been haunted this whole time. There is a jewish or protestant girl and i believe she was killed by the blade. Where the blade is kept, is the room she haunts.

I want to clean the blade and free her to move on. Then get rid of the blade.

Any advice? This girl is stopping me from projecting, shes there and she blocks me.

Edit: correction of description

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This doesn’t sound like a curse or cursed object but another cause for any recent block. Cursed objects are a great movie theme but in reality are works of fiction. The real curse is from the people that possess the object, not the object!

There are several contradictions with your story and timeline, you claim a WWII Nazi knife was responsible for stabbing an 18th century girl? World War II 1939 to 1945 not the 1700s, so it couldn’t be the instrument of death.

I would suspect your blockages are from other source’s than the war trophy knife. If you still feel uncomfortable with the dagger simply toss it and move on if there is any lingering doubt.

Meditate refocus and than continue with your rituals.

I do not know what year im guessing by her clothes. She looks 13 and wears either protestant or jewish clothes.

My great grandpa got the knife from his older friend, my great grandpa was in the cold war, which he considers the fallout of wwii

Ignoring the technicalities. How do i get rid of the attachment to the blade.

I dont care for skepticism ive tested it and it is in fact the knife as the spirit follows it. Now do you have advice?

And no, i have and can project. However at the house with the knife, she pops up and screams in my damn ears.

I am not as novice as you seem to be assuming. I simply have not worked with attached spirits as much, i usually greet them and go the other direction.

Also i see her literally every time i project in the same house as the blade.

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Just applying some logic to your story. If you feel the knife or dagger is cursed I would simply dispose of the knife. In that way you avoid any lingering effects of the implement.

From what your now saying is that you are receiving strange visions of a girl screaming in your ears harassing you in the same house with the blade.

I would suspect your visions have nothing to do with your location or supposed attached object an old dagger but with your ritual work. It might be a parasite causing harm and distraction.

Not visions man. I get up out of my body in my room and she is there.