Cursed games?

why do people like to play these games that summon a entity with the thought of being attacked. Like do you want to piss of the demons and spirits.
games like the closet game, midnight game, bloody mary, boogie man, ect.


I think it has to do with the fear.

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I think a lot of it stems from curiosity, and honestly I haven’t done any of these games since starting on the path. The big risk people take playing these games is their lack of understanding. you carry fear into the ritual (game in this case) and you will get unwanted results.


It’s like a novelty. Normies want to experience supernatural events.


As a kid, it was all about the thrill. Bloody Mary in the mirror was our game. Best thing about it was that it often presented thrill-inducing results.

Oh, and we liked making Ouija boards on poster board. Some pretty weird stuff would try to talk through those.


I think most of the people playing these games don’t really believe that they’ll work or that the professed entity will really appear–so when something starts happening, as it sometimes will, many will get utterly freaked out and give the entity a nice boost of fear energy. Perfect feeding sources for so-called astral “nasties” like Zozo, Charlie Charlie and the like.

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Most times its adolescents (witness horror films) who get involved with these games. Adrenalin is closely allied to libido. There’s your answer.