Cursed Ancestral Tome

Hey guys, imma keep it short, simple, to the point.

My friend called me and told me about how he found his family crest in an old book at his house. He states that after checking out the book, hes got blisters out of nowhere.

Tried to rule out ‘you just have bitchass collegekid hands’ and allergic reaction to materials

Gonna swing by later because curiousity, just seeing if anyone has any advice with proceeding, or experience with something similar


Wear gloves. Did he say anything about the books contents?

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Make a pendulum and try to get a read on it using that - using pendulums for life or death decisions with no training is a mug’s game, BUT using them to detect energy (where the influence of youre own subconscious is actually sought-for) is very valid.

Using a pendulum in a similar way is taught in many energy-healing methods.

Give it a test run but usually, counter-clockwise is negative, clockwise is positive energy, when detecting the vibes a thing is giving off.

So, obviously, don’t muddle this by dowsing over it and asking “Is this cursed” or your Yes and clockwise reply may conflict with the negative counter-clock natural reading.

Dowse over it to get the vibes then do question and response swings elsewhere.


Depending on how long the book was sittin around he could be reacting to something on the book. Paper, leather and parchment like to absorb and hold dust, spores ect. If you have ever left a book on a shelf for a year you’ll see a layer on it and possibly in it depending on the ventilation.


Sorry for late reply got caught up in plumbing stuff lol
@UnseelieDiabolus i think it was a collection of family detaild and crests. Will have more details later on

@Lady_Eva duly noted, thanks for the advice sensei

@Dinmiatus thats what I was thinking as well. It never hurts to have a contingency plan though


It’s fascinating, so please keep us posted! :+1:

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But I’ll update this thread with my results, gonna do an initial vibe of it, get a pendulum’s vibe on it, then do a q&a with my familiars on it, then imma read it just because lol


If you have inconclusive results with the pendulum or your favorite divination method, you can always use the book as a portal device akin to skrying having asked your guardian(s) to assist you in determining the significance of the blisters and of the book itself.


The book and crest may have nothing to do with the blisters, on the blisters, were they on your friends face or just his hands? This sounds like it might Leraje.