Cursed a “Co-Worker”

I saw him being ripped apart on a table, a rope cranking away tied to his torso and legs. In one of his life’s, I saw him being eaten alive by maggots and birds, and in another chained and dropped into the deep blue.

He started this beef and I’m going to finish it, I feel no pitty for someone who wishes to inconvenience and annoy tf out of me. I did a chant sending creatures and beings of darkness, death, chaos, fear and suffering to feast upon his soul. In exchange granting them passage into the light above so that they may be free. 

This is phase 1, he’s very upset about something I believe with his girl friend. I watched him blow up just now and storm out of the tent. (Soldier shit)  He will suffer further. Reality will change and no one will ever remember him being anything other than retarded, annoying and useless. Next time don’t fucking volunteer me for kitchen patrol. 

I know speaking on a working before it’s complete can spoil it, but I’m not done. And absolutely NOTHING will stop the suffering he is about to endure. Oh and plus cursing people makes my soul fuckin high. I consider it more as a retaliation from an attack. Kind of like poking a lion in his belly when he’s sleeping and expecting him not to fuckin devour your soul!!