It’s not the first time I use a curse, but today I had the strangest experience.

I was just reading a curse, while already filling in the name of the target, and I sensed some emotions coming up, and by the time I read the last sentences, the phone rang and my wife responded by greeting that person by the name,… it was the same name as the target’s wife.

A minute later I went to the kitchen and I just caught a magpie jump out of the kitchen into the garden and then fly off.

Is it possible that a curse already sets off without even doing the ritual, by mere reading it?

And do you think that the name of his wife + the magpie in the kitchen are signs that say it so?


I think they were mere coincidences, but besides that i can see your thinking about the curse so the law of reversed effort is already going to be working against you and so is the law of magus… I would probably do another curse and this time use evocation, it has never failed to provide spectacular results when I’ve used it to decimate an enemy.


I believe this is definitely possible although coincidence can’t be ruled out. I’ve had several occasions where just intensely thinking something gained the desired or sometimes undesired result.

For example, I have chickens and three weeks ago I was intensely cursing the fact that I had to feed them everyday and how much easier it would be if we didn’t have them anymore.

Two days later, all of our chickens were stolen by a fox, only the rooster (which I hadn’t cursed) was still alive. But then of course I wasn’t pleased because I missed the fresh eggs. Sometimes you really have to be careful what you curse/wish for eh…

Again, I’m not ruling out coincidence but it could very well be a case of Manifestation.


Ah, KYRA girl, thanks for the chuckle! Just goes to show ya… how Powerful an intensely emotional thought ‘in the heat of the moment’ can be. But I love the way you just kinda shrug and go on …

And Necromaster is right, in my mind, about using evocation … a daemon assist/reinforcement is invaluable if you REALLY want the effects you are after …

As to BRAN and your wondering about the power in just reading, & the synchronicities, well -

It depends; were you deeply “involved” in the reading, or just superficially browsing? And I don’t believe in coincidences Myself. I believe all that occurs is a ‘response’ to something.

Having said that, I also believe we tend to jump to conclusions about WHAT such occurances mean … following our head instead of checking in with our Intuition.

INTUITION is a TOOL and a very valuable one … check your intuition, Bran.

(btw Magpies are notorious Gossips, did you know?)


An excellent book that shows you what a thought can do is by Lynn McTaggart named “The Intention Experiment” which is her book following “The Force”.



@necromaster: yes, you’re right, thinking about the curse afterwards can reverse the effect or at least weaken it. But I didn’t realise that I actually was doing it already either, so… But to follow the advice of Zoe, my Intuition sais that they weren’t coïncedences. But oh well, in the worst case scenario I just have to do it properly, right?
I agree that an evocation will produce much stronger effects, but I’m not always in the mood to set up a complete ritual. Should do it more often though.

@Zoe, yes, I was reading it pretty intens, I actually saw me perform the ritual while reading;
And yes, magpies are indeed gossips, as well as thiefs.

Sorry for your chickens though, Kyra :wink:


Evocation is what I’m best at so I use it for pretty much everything. If i were you I would just set up a ritual room so you could have it already set up when you have an evocation you want to perform.


No worries, I already got me three new ones. I envisioned getting new ones at a lower price than the previous ones. A week later a friend of ours told me we could get chickens at a local agricultural store. Guess what, they had just started a promo action, if you bought three chickens, you got a discount of 1/3rd of the price. Now I still have to teach them to sleep in the chicken house at night, dumb chicks keep nesting in the grass. Must remember for next time to envision cheap INTELLIGENT chickens!


In EA’s book, Baneful Magick, EA covers several instances wherein a phenomena occurs similar to this. He records an instance where his curse had already been executed several hours before he was planning on conducting the ritual. This is surely possible. Though I don’t have any personal experience with it, I trust EA’s work.


I would say, “yes”. My wife had a supervisor at work last year tormenting her. I decided to throw out a curse against her. One night I read through some books looking for a suitable one. I chose one and read it over, visualizing how I would perform it. Two days later, her supervisor was on the front page of the local paper for abusing funds and her power. She was removed form her position and humiliated. Coincidence? Maybe, but I credit what I read.

I think you set it oFf by being in the right mindset when you read it.

Let me ask you this, when you pick up a book of spells, have you ever had one just connect to you? You feel that this book (or spell) is something special. I have.

Works of Darkness is a prime example.