Curse Technique: Root Plant Curse

This technique was taught to me by a Nymph and is exceedingly effective for works of revenge and justice. I really like this technique because it takes time, thus giving the target the chance to make amends before their fate is sealed.

1)Start by planting a small tree or bush (in my case it was a rose bush). Dedicate this plant to your task.

2)Induce trance and connect to the plant you had planted, while it is young.

3)While holding that connection to the plant, focus on the target.

4)Vividly visualize them and their chakras.

5)Now astrally take the young plant and insert it into their root chakra, the perineum, and hold it there until the plant begins to solidify into them astrally, thus binding it to them. (This step may take up to an hour or so.)

  1. Back in the physical world, tie a black string around your plant. This serves as a visual reminder that you have an active curse on someone (in case you need to remove at a later date).

7)Repeat steps 2-5 often to check that it hasn’t become dislodged, and to further strengthen it.

8)Now, relax and take care of your plant in the physical world. Water regularly and watch it grow.

How this works is using the astral body of the living plant to grow into your target thus fusing them together on the astral plane. Over several months it will gradually grow through their entire astral body, ravaging them with strange ailments and exerting immense pressure on their perineum in their body; a most unpleasant feeling. As the plant grows, it will further deteriorate them and eventually lead to physical disability and death, given enough time. It also wreaks total havoc upon their energy systems throughout their body, effectively cutting them off at the root. Because it takes so long to work, it allows the target to make right the offences they had done, or to confirm that they are indeed deserving of the Root Plant Curse.

This technique is not for entertainment purposes; IT IS FOR WORKS OF JUSTICE. Never harm an innocent person or anyone under 18 years of age with this technique. Have fun, be safe, and happy gardening.


I think I’m offended by your disclaimers presumption that I care.

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The rose bush is a nice touch, I can see those thorns tearing apart a victim from the inside. Reminds me os shamanic stuff.

I see you running to the nursery and getting it right away LOL. How’s home life, you seen any improvements?

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Fascinating, I love this idea. I’m planning a lot of garden work next year I’ll bear this in mind :slight_smile:


Oooo this is right up my alley! i love the plant spirits and the magic they can bring! the techniques in this are solid spell-work! brava!

Id consider oleander also - a baneful, toxic plant with strong associations of misfortune and misery (one side of its coin). Though i think the techniques itself could garner a fabulous result, it never hurts to correspond with the magical associations the plants may have (or maybe it hurts more :wink:).

i agree - the rose bush with its thorns is an excellent touch.

What a delightful idea! This has the added bonus of having something physical to see & focus on while waiting for manifestation. Will keep this one in mind.

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