Curse someone

Last year, someone cheated on me and stole a lot of money from me. Of course, I am legally pursuing. But the problems it caused me are not remedied by law. How can I curse him?


You can utilize various types of stuff that can be used as curses. To remove someone from your life a curse involving Sorath and Belial can help but if you want to punish there are many different ways

Can you explain more about punishment? how can i do that?

Strip away his source of finance : job , business ,house etc . Losing finances can bring real stress in human mind. Especially if it’s for a prolonged period of time.

Relation .
Destroy his relations .losing support form Family, friends , colleagues etc.

Making the target obsessed or binding him to various addictions can help take away his finances much faster. When a target is obsessed for long time he/she loses focus , a touch with reality, mental fog etc . Addictions take away his ability to think clearly anyway.

Big and small accidents. Car crashes , motorcycle crashes, losing his wallet /phone etc .

Hope that answers what ur looking for .


The curses aren’t going to do anything. No offense. If you have to come to a magick forum for guidance on this, then u know.

I would just use the time and energy to improve self.

I’m not going to lecture you on why you shouldn’t curse…to answer your question, there are a great deal of threads here to contain valuable information about cursing people. Just type in “curse” or “revenge” in the search bar, grab a snack, relax and read away…

Many people here have successfully cursed someone. If my target so much as breathes the wrong way in my direction, he’s going down again.

People have their reasons for cursing, so no judgement here.


They do, but don’t you find it odd that 90% of the time spirits encourage us to not curse others? It’s because when you view things from the outside it is easier to use logic; they’re not being influenced by their negative emotions.

Depends entirely on what you wish to achieve


No. I don’t find this at all. People try to talk people out of it, but most of the spirits I work with don’t particularly care either way. It doesn’t affect them.



No, not really, it’s not at the top of my list of concerns…The spirits with whom I communicate couldn’t care less if I wanted to curse someone…especially when that person deserves it.

Also, to be frank, I don’t care if someone wants to curse another person, I really don’t. In my life experience, I learned that you can give all the advice in the world, but at the end of the day, people are going to do what they want anyway…


If someone screws me over, what then? Turn the other cheek? Sorry- not in my DNA and if it were I would be somewhere else trying to forgive them and using that prayer I learned when I was a pup.


As a matter of fact- i came to this thread tonight to get some ideas!

Thanx MXA!

Tanx a lot :metal:

It’s so helpful. Thank you :metal:

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I understand. I admit I was trying to play hero or something. Sometimes, I get afraid for people who are targeted for a curse, because I know how bad things can get. Imo, if the person who cursed me knows what they put me through, they would surely regret it. Imagine being raped and psychically attacked by evil entities 24/7.

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I understand in the cases where people are cursed when they honestly didn’t deserve it. For example the cashier at WalMart gave me a dirty look and didn’t speak to me when I said hello, so I’m going to curse her…that’s ridiculous, and it would make sense to be afraid for the cashier that was probably having a bad day and didn’t intentionally try to take it out on the customer.

But in cases were people deserve it, I can’t feel sorry for them.

Do you think the person that cursed you cared if you were hurt? That’s their whole intention, to hurt you. I don’t make it a habit of cursing, but I have cursed after careful thought. The person I cursed truely deserved it, and I didn’t regret it.

I do see where you’re coming from, and understand why you feel that way.


It’s so crazy, I actually believe I might have been targeted by aliens or something? The person could be really advanced, and I was vulnerable (depressed, abused drugs, etc.)

Ironically, it made me much stronger. I feel 100% better than before I was even cursed. I would have never achieved a kundalini awakening had I not been cursed.

Someone was being a complete jackass to me earlier so I cursed them. I don’t care if anything bad happens, although I don’t think it will. Perhaps one wouldn’t label what I did as a curse. I just channeled negative energy to them for less than a minute.


This is funny, because yesterday a cashier wouldn’t say goodbye to me. I said it twice to them to make sure they heard me. I responded by saying goodbye to a different cashier who was happy to say the same back.