Curse resistant and psychic protection talisman/ enchanted wards

I’m looking for some useable knowledge for curse resistant talismans and psychic protection talismans. Any one know good ones that actually work? Also can some one explain how about one would go about making an effective ward talisman thank you!


If you work with a Patron or Matron Entity, you can wear a sigil pendant and consecrate it during ritual, asking for them to charge it with blessings and protection.

Another option for something portable is a protective gemstone such as obsidian to trap negative energy.
For your home, try making a witches
bottle, burying it at your main entrance.


Yes this is a great answer @Zeraphina

To the OP @Renaultsoleil I myself make bracelets and necklaces out of semi precious stones such as obsidian, onyx, tiger eye, hematite, rough Rock ruby and Sapphire and emerald. These stones have inherent properties to help absorb, block, dissipate,or even transmute the negative energy of curses and evil spirits.

I prefer to make these in the appropriate planetary hours and days for extra oomph. I dress them in the proper oils as well and consecrate them.

My accessories have been found to be very potent by other practicioners who have experimented with them.

So I definitely recommend you look into the properties of the stones @Zeraphina and I talked about and consider making something for yourself along those lines.

This is Feng Shui, it’s a blue agate stone with a Wu Lu charm. It assists in speaking with spirits and protects my health by absorbing and transmuting negative energies and low level entities into positive life force or chi energy.

This is just an example of what you can make for yourself.


One of the Gemini Shemhamphoresh Angels works with nullifying and deflecting curses. Focalor is said to deal with curses in a similar manner.

So, per Zeraphinas and Mikes advice, consecrate stones resistant to negative energy, illness, poverty, or curses; have them blessed by the Angel or Demon.

The Angel in this case would be: Damabiah, Menqal, Mochayel, Aeneval, Yehohel, or Vemibael. These are the Angels of Gemini. Damabiah would be the first to check with.

Why Gemini? Gemini runs between Binah (Saturn, time, age, illness, death) and Tiphareth (Beauty, prosperity, health, Sol).

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