Curse in your sleep

Ok I was talking to a friend of mine that is new to the LHP and he asked me a question, is it possible to curse someone in your sleep? He said he was meditating and he wasn’t sure if he fell asleep or was in the astral but that it was so vivid and real that he swore up and down he cursed a foe in his sleep. So my question is would it be possible if your intent was that strong that you dreamed it could it come to pass?

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I would say so. Sometimes, people cast curses on accident.


Yeah I figured if your intent or strength of will was that strong that you dreamed it it could be done

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I have experienced doing spells/curses that I had planned to do which have had the required results while meditating or on the Astro plain, the Astro plain is an incredible place and also a place which at times can be dangerous if not understood,
I try to have a clear purpose or mission when I astro travel as to not allow it to happen as the consequences good or bad will still impact your reality.
If you have a strong bond with a guide/spirit/demon then call upon them when you meditate or Astro travel they will help keep you on your mission.