Curse for mental suffering and etc

Hi everyone i used search function but didnt find answer to my question i want to curse someone but i forgot how she look like and i dont have any picture of her i only know her full name expect glasya and andras which demon should i ask to curse her and cause mental suffering for her i also want her to fail at her exam for the first year so i can catch up to her she is 6 month ahead of me so i need her to fail at exam but only for the first year so i will catch up to her and will be in the same class as her im working with azazel king paimon and belial to get to her university which is the top one in my country the reason i want to do this is bcz she told me she is out of my league and im inferior to her in social norm bcz she has a better family than me and she is beautiful and rich and study in the best university i need to show her im a better than her im more intellegent thank her i also need to show it to myself

GL and Andras might be overkill? You want her to fail a test and your summoning the “author of bloodshed and manslaughter” about it or Andras?


I just want her to fail this exam so i can catch up to her

I understood that, which is why I said these two spirits are more likely to kill someone than make them score badly on a test. I am not offering a spirit for what you want (nor will I), I am simply suggesting you re-evaluate your spirit choice or find one more suited to your want.

I’ll also say that 1 test is not going to make someone “out of your league” suddenly in it, nor is mental suffering going to appear attractive to you if she decides you’re worthy of her energy.

Edit: Have you considered using magick on yourself to make yourself better? Or would you rather her ‘suffer’ than work on yourself and put in the effort to improve and meet her (and many more)?


Well she told me im inferior bcz of my low social statue but im far more intellegent than her i want to show her this. Also i dont want to be with her i currently with someone that loves me for who i am but i need show myself and her and all of my family that i am not lower than her sorry if i was a bit harsh she said im lower than her bcz my father is ethinic my family is poor and im not attractive

Bruh what?


I was asking questions politly and she starts being mean to me

She was giving you proper suggestion up until you came up with something irrevelant, from what I have seen. Now don’t go ahaed and call me a white knight or something. I do noot have time for that.

My advice? If you are calling a heavy hitter such as Glasya-Labolas, wreck her life instead of just making her fail in an exam. An exam is insignifcant.


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Alright. This topic has gotten quite out of hand.

@Matin_Noori If you disagree with someone’s opinion, fine, but don’t try to denigrate them and talk down to them based on their perceived gender. That just makes you come off as woefully ignorant and sexist to those trying to help you.

I understand that you are from India, where discrimination based on caste exists, but it’s no excuse for your comments regarding other members.

Gender politics are against the rules of this forum. Any further comments along those lines will result in a formal warning and closure of this thread.


Thanks and also im not from india and i never looked down on someone bcz of their gender

My apologies. I misread Iranian as Indian in a thread you commented in.

Look up a confusion spell. That’s what you want to use.

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This is the best advice that you received from all the suggestions that were made. As a MAN EXPECT TO BE REJECTED. You may ask even all the grown up in here at least 25+ years as if they NEVER been rejected by a woman. Its something quite NORMAL.

And this is not only for you but all the teenagers in here (with all do respect) and all the people who are starting dating/they had 1/2 girlfriends not all the girls that you will approach will accept you.

GIRLS/WOMEN HAVE THEIR OWN FREE WILL ON WHOM TO LOVE/BE IN RELATIONSHIP WITH. Even if she wouldn’t have told you those dirty words but they way i know US MEN once we get rejected by that hot girl we liked we have all the anger in the world and we wants to bring havoc to the girls life, but in reality if you put yourself in a girl shoe you can’t date with each guy that approach you, period.

To make the story short, use magic to change your life. You want to be attractive then start exercising, wear good clothing, use glamour spells etc. Call all the wealthy spirits you can possibly summon and start to improve your financial situation.

Most importantly use magick to attract THE RIGHT PEOPLE INTO YOUR LIFE. You thought the girl was right for you, but she was sure you are not her type, and that happens alot for men when they think a woman likes them but is quite opposite.

Change your life, improve yourself that is all you have to do. I know you won’t like this comment but it is the truth
Be Blessed. :innocent:



If you’re in a relationship with someone that loves you for who you are, then why give your energy to making another woman, (whose face you can’t even remember and that you don’t even want to be with), see you as not inferior?

Why not strengthen the bond between you and your partner? If you feel like you need to prove to yourself that you aren’t lower than the other woman that you don’t want (?) or to whomever, then work on improving yourself. Heal the rejection and pain you feel.

Since you’re already working with Belial, call on him to get rid of those limiting thoughts you have about your self worth, self esteem etc. As was suggested, work on finances, work on getting into that top university to get a good education, work on you.

Good luck.