Curse breaker!

lately I’ve been under attack by a witch. I’m going to detail here how I’ve withstood and broken her attacks.

this lady is my landlord’s wife (he’s a muggle and doesn’t know whats really going on)

this all started because she sent a curse to fill my home with bedbugs (disgusting woman) so i started retaliating for this offense.

this is when things got interesting.

first there were astral attacks. i would wake up in REAL PHYSICAL pain not knowing wtf was going on. so i did a quick look at my astral body each time and dealt with it.

there was a nail attached to a chain going through my ankle and a dagger in my side. (felt the ankle pain, almost didn’t notice the dagger)
i unceremoniously pulled them out and called upon archangel Raphael to clear up the astral wounds.

then there was the black cat. this curse was so awesome i almost respect her for it…almost.
i was out in back of my house smoking a cig when all of a sudden from behind my trash can a black cat rushed at me. then suddenly stopped. he kept staring at me…then as soon as he turned away shit started breaking…

the microwave in my kitchen began beeping and the light kept coming on and going off. on top of that the washing machine in the basement began rocking so violently we could hear it throughout the entire house. fearing these appliances would soon explode i quickly unplugged the both of them.

she then sent her husband to our house carrying a curse on his clothes… bitch. this shit was one VILE ass egregore hell bent on killing someone in my house. thankfully it stayed in the foyer until it matured. once it was about to i took action. ASTRAL ACTION. i sat on my stairs in the god-stance (seated, back straight, hands on knees) (many pharaohs depicted in this stance in Egyptian artwork) i then projected out of my body and did battle with the foul thing… it was pretty tough, i wound up opening a portal to the abyss and casting it deep into the lake of fire.

her most recent attempt at harming me (after her recent heart attack cough cough) was an astral cloak around me. this cloak amplified everything about me that frustrates and angers the people around me. my family began to hate me in the most illogical ways. it also disrupted my magic and even gave me trouble with evoking (never been a problem before).

despite this i evoked anyway, i called upon Azazel (with great difficulty) it appeared as though he was the one who was bound even though it was me. i asked him what this curse was and thats how i found out it was “the cloak of animosity” he told me to take a shower and wash it off.

this was no ordinary bathing, i had to project light through my hands into the soapy lather and wash every inch of my body 3 times. before i rinsed the soap off me i grabbed that astral fabric with my physical hands and tore it in two. all the while speaking aloud shit like “there is no bind that can hold me” and “i remove this foul dressing” and EA koetting’s incantation to call forth limitless power “its rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu its ranta mant kala mant atsu belt tazu vaskalla its rachu kantantu velchatza”.

i was told by azazel to just pull the cloak off of me but tearing it asunder had the same effect.

and thats how i broke a few curses from a morally devoid baneful practitioner. hope this helps somebody. :slight_smile:


on a related note, this stupid woman was SOOO devoid of goodness in her heart that Arch Angel Micheal appeared to me and explained that she had asked for his protection. however he has morals and does not like serving those who are so evil, so he asked me to order him to not only STOP protecting her but to never allow him to serve her again.

how fucked up do you have to be for the angels to say and want that?!?

Why did all this start?

Sending someone bedbugs? lol just wow.

Yeah so with all her Astral Attacks, you can visualize her as being a BedBug with her Head/Face attached to the body of thr Bedbug trying to invade your place with her army of her (bedbugs). So you can just simply send her (the bedbug) back to her residence to fill with bedbugs.

Does she have a motive for cursing you or is she just a bitch?

You should make friends and send her an invite here lol.

You should do the the Ishtar Love Spell on her in the form of Delivering her a deliciois Apple Pie. One basically turns the energy of this Incantation to infuse the Apple Pie…if one is create one uses the same energy to make an Ishtar Lovespell Apple Pie Tulpa meant to be ingested to infect her with it (yeah you laugh until you see how effective it is). Anyway if interested here isnthe incantation. Perfect way to curse her is to turn her into a Love Slave:

“Little woman who is pure
Lady, you will take my penis unto your loins
– as I have bound you as my unnatural slave
Until my semen dries up you shall remain
With this gift you are bound to desire
– At my words you will take my penis into you
My instructions to you lady are like an unbroken bond
– And you shall remain in your place
To not stand high at my side will bring my fury!”

I think ashtkerr an I are interested in the drama that led up to this lol

inquiring minds need to know!!!

Fyi create more drama, but in ones favor

That is some kick-ass “from the trenches” stuff, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

I wanna know too, and more importantly i wanna know what other curses she has (well they’re creative alrite)

i hope none of you ever have to deal with a VERY large infestation of bedbugs. if you’ve never had them in your house count your lucky stars…

they are one of the hardest bugs to kill and the pesticides sold at most stores arent even strong enough to kill them… additionally, having your blood drained on a regular basis is NOT good for your health and will make you light headed and easily confused.

now, this little drama began as a result of my overwhelming disgust with this person. at first i tried to destroy the bugs and then to banish them…and those things worked. but after about 2 months without a bite they came back. so i decided to attack the source…but for the life of me i couldnt identify it so i did an evocation. i chose azazel for my first opinion and archangel gabriel as a second. both forces of light and dark were of one accord. (the real truth)

so i sent some bedbugs her way, then came the attacks. (guess she didnt like her own medicine)

they were small at first, but with each retaliatory act she became bolder and more brazen.

her latest attack was to disrupt my magical manifestations. i dont know exact method but i keep hearing the phrase “dreams dashed” when i think about it…so i’m gonna trust that terminology.
it was coupled with a mental spell that tried to make me quit magic.

i’m pretty sure these spells are sort of “one shot” spells with no lasting ambient effects.
she almost got me with the “quit magic” spell. but what she didnt account for was that i’ve made a pact with Azazel to “follow the path of Azazel” which is the path of black magic and ascention.

so i had Azazel manifesting himself in my ear saying “YOU’RE UNDER ATTACK DUMBASS!! YOU MUST NOT BREAK THE PACT!!!” (damn good motivation if you ask me)

all it took to break this one was the good old banishing ritual. though i REALLY didnt want to do any magic at the time, post banishing ritual i was so pissed…

this however is when things started looking up. i dont think she realized just WHO was manifesting things for me and at what time lol.

the charge of the goddess says if you have need of anything you should ask the goddess for it upon the full moon. the dumb bitch stole away my full moon blessings.

when you steal from someone receiving a full moon blessing you don’t just steal from them, you are stealing from the goddess…i called upon 5 goddesses.

Venus, Freyja, Santisima Muerte, Ishtar, and Lilith…“hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. i wonder what the fury of 5 divine women looks like… i’ll just leave it at that.

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as for her motives… well she’s what i refer to as a “slum-lord” a person who owns several houses in a run down neighborhood and jacks up peoples rent on them…

i heard her husband say they want 30,000 for the 3 houses they own on this street. i laughed my ass off as soon as he was gone cuz the house next door went for 9000 and its in better condition than this place.

her motivation is obviously money. (and shes a bitch)

Seems pretty counter productive giving you bedbugs when she wants your business

She probably wants him out so that she can charge the next tenants more money for rent.

Where the hell can I learn all this!!! Please!!!

Find a good comedy and laugh a lot. Laughter is the best defense against curses, as laughter raises your vibration.

experience is the best teacher…experience and desperation.

Any idea where to start?

evocation. call upon some demons who know a thing or two about spell-craft. i recommend Azazel.