Curse a ex lover to leave me alone

my ex boyfreind is stalk about me and staying fake things he is contacting my freinds and doing the same thiing i have no legit proof i can show to get a cease and resist all i told his bf and his "mess with a witch and get a bitch " then blocked and reported them to facebook for harrasment… i need a curse to get him to stop and leave me alone and possbly my freinds


Sounds like anther narc - they are famous for badmouthing people to undermine them before they can be believed about the truth about them.

Freeze spell. Angels of Wrath. Andras to mess his life up.


i know something is wrong magic wise wich is why i tried to protet him he dated a christan who whent to white witch to ruin his life but gave up on it i personly think she did not

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plz tell me what i can optionaly do to fix it i can tell you the full story if you want

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She did that for a reason… So he played the same game on her, and you believed him and not her and tried to defend him. He’s good at what he does - they usually are.

You may find you just have to give up on the former friends who he’s got to. They’ll have to figure out the hard way how disloyal and toxic a narc really is. You should probably distance yourself from them before he uses them to hurt you.

Warning: I have very negative views of psychos and narcs -
There’s no fixing someone who has strongly narcissistic traits, especially if it’s combined with Machiavellianism and/or psychopathy, they are broken people who ruin everybody around them, sometimes for fun. Personally I think the world is better off with them dead. I reserve my work with Norath for these people alone, to prevent them incarnating here again. Nobody wants them.

A narc parent tends to abuse their children and make them into narcs too.
So my approach is - kill it with fire before it lays eggs.
To show mercy is to condemn dozens more people to abuse and pull the entire planet back from ascent.


Like I said, use a freeze spell to minimise him working against you first while you work on it, then do what you feel is right.
Workings to remove glamour and allow people to see him for what he is are good.

I like Andras to mess him up because he might do a thorough enough job to make it so he can’t parasitise others to care for him. Few people will take in a homeless man.

But a narc is not a decent person, they will steal and leech and consume people to get what they want - people are just resources to be used up to them. And they work hard at being very charming. So if you put them down they drag others down to climb over them and get back up. So anything too mild just makes them worse.


this would be a good thing to do to him so i can see his true colors more esalysiy

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isn’t it a bit odd that i have read couple of post from you trying to get a lover back? and now trying to get rid of a lover?
i am sorry but i was confuse, so thought to ask :slight_smile:

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