Curse a church that is full of hate

My grandfather is an elder at a church he Force’s me to go to he fears what I do and thinks everything i do is devil worship from tarot to my alters … I can’t wear my LGBT shirt or pants or anything related all because of his close mind I can’t read a book of hecate or anything :unamused:

Please give me a curse I can cast on the place to ruin their hateful meetings


Why don’t you just bind your grandfather instead, seeing He’s the actual problem? Seems far more effective to have him no longer force you to go to church.

Also, careful with just throwing curses all nonchalantly. Not everyone in church is who they appear to be.


He pays for the bills for the house and yeah you have a point

Maybe separate him from his god

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Freezer spell might work too.


Can I give you some advice from an older occultist. Just hide it all. You aren’t your clothing and anything else.

A true part of magic is being silent. I do not wear what I am at all. I prefer to look like a normie to be left the fuck alone.

Just learn the magic of hiding and the art of being deceitful. Smile and vamp the hell out the church. Have fun being evil.


Most my magic I hide in the woods or room because no one goes in there if we had caves everything would be in there


Are you a vampire?

When the pagans were met with forced conversions from the Christians, they adapted their own religion to have a Christian facade. Santeria is a solid example of this.

Some advice, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Until you can live on your own, don’t curse your father. Instead, put a little creativity and study into blending in on the outside, while maintaining your practice on the inside.

Go to Church, sing the songs, pray the prayers. Don’t practice in front of him, hide everything until it’s nighttime. The lines of witchblood have survived for millennia through the Church, because they knew how to keep a secret. Occult means exactly that, secret.

Eliphaz Levi, the father of modern occultism, taught about the four powers of the Sphinx, to will, to know, to dare, and to keep silent. In Slavic koldovstvo, we observe three taboos, one of them is silence. Follow the example of every witch and wizard who has come before you, and keep your mouth shut about the sacred things of your craft. As Jesus said, “Do not cast your pearls (teachings collected by practice and study) before swine, for they will trample on them and murder you.”

They are unthinking swine, a man doesn’t pay attention to their swine such that he must curse them.


Yeah I’m probably going to move sanctuary and everything deeper into the woods so it can’t be found


Move out and get your own place. Till then, bind, stay under the radar and bide your time.

Why does he even know ‘what you do’? Let him think it was a phase and you’ve given it all up so he gets off your back. You can do what you like soon enough when you move out on your own.

Edit: StewardofSophia said it already but it bears repeating:

keep your mouth shut about the sacred things of your craft.
As Jesus said, “Do not cast your pearls (teachings collected by practice and study) before swine, for they will trample on them and murder you.”


@Voodoo_King “My grandad fears me, so Imma curse him and all his friends to prove him wrong!” will be your biggest cringe memory in 5 or 10 years, I guarantee it. :wink:

Work on getting your own place, then you will be able to set the rules in it, just as he has the right to set rules in his own home.


He fears me because I talk to spirits … he says thier all demons (only have 3 demons I’ve talked to or about Azazel ’ Lucifer ’ Satan Because I say hail Satan lol )

Every conversation I have with him he always brings god and church even if it is school related

And why are you telling your uninitiated father about your talents and abilities? Don’t cast your pearls before swine and all that.

It sounds to me like most of your journey is just fulfilling your teenage psychological drive to be simultaneously accepted by and separate from your parents is causing you to become an edgelord who pushes the envelope of what is acceptable. And while you defile your grandfather’s deeply held beliefs, you have the nerve to call him hateful and request a curse. You get what you give.

One person knows that I practice magic, and he’s my best friend. No one else knows about my practice in real life, not my coworkers, not even my roommate, not even my family, especially not my mom.

For the record, hail is just an archaic way to say hello. It’s not a declaration of worship or anything akin to it. Just saying “Hail Satan” is literally meaningless unless it’s proceeded by something else. Otherwise you become the equivalent of the child who obnoxiously annoys his mother by saying “Hi mom! Hi mom! Hi mom!”


Read the bible to fuck with him. Like ask about how Lot’s daughters got him drunk and raped their own father. The bible is filled with sick ass shit like that. Study Xtian history and learn what the Spainish used to do.
Proverbs 5:18-19 ESV Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth, a lovely deer, a graceful doe. Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight; be intoxicated always in her love.


Most of the information about the Inquisition, even the Spanish Inquisition, is mostly propaganda from the Church of England for reasons to hate the Pope and the Catholic Church. The truth is that the Inquisition hardly killed anyone and they were a precaution against unjust mob actions from simple villagers. The Inquisition saved more people than it murdered. Galileo was tried twice before the Inquisition for teaching the heresy that the Earth revolved around the Sun, and each time he basically got a slap on the hand and put under house arrest.

Also, fun fact. The Inquisition still exists, but they renamed themselves to “The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.”


In my experience the freezerspell freezes someone or something in the state that he/she/it is at the time of performing the spell.

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My point of view changed on it I’ll just let him be him and deal with it untill I can move out and have one less problem