I keep reading about currents but Im not quite sure what they are and how to join or find one

Currents of energy. When you call on a spirit you access its current of energy, and direct it to manifest things for you. You can access a current without calling spirits though, take the Draconian current as an example, you can tap into what’s called “the dragon force” without calling on Draconian entities. Depending on how you see the concept of spirits is whether you refer to them as currents or entities. They’re one in the same thing, or you could say that a spirit is a manifestion of a particular current that’s taken on different masks over the time that its been worked with.

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thank you very much this now explains why Azazel has been trying to have me meet other gods and entities that tie into whthe I am trying to achieve

Currents are made by human minds or they exist on their own?