Currently lost; need some kind of direction

I have the current two goals of

  1. Making physical changes with ease (and to practice this I’m using the devil gene on myself for beauty stuff)


  1. Getting my ex back, eventually. (Although I’m almost positive further pursuing of this goal in my current state might not do much)

Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Just earlier my heart chakra freaked out and it’s in massive pain for no reason I can discern rn, all I know is that it’s painful and no amount of energy work is shutting it up. The energy is volatile, and spirits I’ve called aren’t cutting it. The chakra feels hot, and it’s probably got something to do with my ex. I don’t know. I feel unremarkable emotionally, so I don’t know why it’s doing this.

I did what I could, but for now it feels like I’m just waiting. I want to do something. I’m tired of feeling like I’m just sitting around making no progress.

I want some change. I want to grow. I need a path.

It’s fucking agonizing to sit with myself sometimes because of how little my life actually budges for me. I’ve been able to achieve mostly everything without those two goals as an exception.

Please help.


Why don’t you try finding someone new? :slight_smile:
Just an idea


I just don’t feel like it. I don’t have much of a pull towards anyone else.

Like, at one point this was totally obsession. Now, I just have a bit of a drive to finish what I started. I still love the guy just as much, and now that I’ve come so far, and been told so many times that I can do it, I just wanna do it.


I don’t want to assume things but if your relationship crashed and burned terribly it’s hard to repair it.

It takes courage and a desire to talk it out between partners. If your partner just doesn’t want to talk to you… there is nothing you could do.

Angels of Alchemy or Angels of Love could help you both heal :thinking:


Lotir from Kingdom of Flames. Tul from Kingdom of Flames. Amon. Paimon. Gabrielle.

And myself.

These are all people who have worked on this goal, and it still has not been achieved. That is on me. I need direction to learn how.

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@Maxwell hey just a suggestion with the ex is to work with Duke Sallos to build the relationship back Duke Dantalion to open dialogue. i know how you feel man, honestly Duke Dantalion helped open that door of communication for me. If youd like info on either one i’d be more than glad to pm you later with info on them. Best of luck in your endeavors


Sallos: I want you to just do what you’ve always been doing. Relax. Respond. You don’t need to change a thing, it’s all in play.


I wish it was all so easy to understand. I guess I gotta get comfortable with waiting it out.


Damn. Sallos goes easy on you, he makes me rip open old wounds and in dreams usually too great but motivating on what to do… Maybe I’m just a piece of crap then haha


Awesome max, that’s amazing that you talked to sallos just like that!

i know exactly how you feel as i am going through the same thing. i want my ex back and feel
no real pull towards another woman but her…i am trying to get Duke Dantalion to help but im almost positive nothing has changed. still no contact and no signs of it happening any time soon…im about to just give up

I kinda have been dealing with this issue for a while. I addressed my wounds. He says I did good work, essentially. Not like anyone is getting special treatment.

That’s exactly what you have to do…give up! You’ve done the work. Now let D & S do some. I’m in somewhat of a similar situation…but I got impatient.
Dantalion’s message to me: stop forcing this and let us work. You’re suffocating us, the magic, and worst of all yourself.

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BTW tbird, sorry for jumping your post, but I read what you wrote and felt compelled to jump in without thinking.

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not a problem at all no worries here. its just hard to not be impatient because i want it to work but im just not sure if i was successful in contacting him or not

If you’re looking for physical changes then you may want to look into the holographic universe theory and learn to enter deep trances at a snap.

If you’re feeling pain for no discernible reason the only way to solve it is to figure out what exactly is registering the pain and why.

Pain in the heart chakra area can mean countless amounts of things both related and unrelated to your ex, it seems like something you have to fix personally if others can’t handle it.

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